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Mortal Kombat Reboot Targets Summer Shoot with Joel Edgerton as Kano?

Mortal Kombat Reboot Targets Summer Shoot with Joel Edgerton as Kano?
The long-awaited live-action reboot of the immensely popular video game Mortal Kombat recently lost producer James Wan. But that doesn't seem to be slowing down its progress as today we have word that not only is the reboot hoping to begin shooting in Australia this summer, but also hopes to snag Aussie actor Joel Edgerton as Kano. Simon Mcquoid is all set to helm this new adventure into Outworld from a screenplay written by Greg Russo, who recently finished his newest draft.

Greg Russo talked a bit about his script recently, saying his take will "be fun" and sport "a sense of humor." He also throws out there that this new version will be a more adult Marvel movie. Specifically, Russo says this.

"Is there really a super serious dark version of this? Yeah, I guess, but that's not Mortal Kombat to me. Just look at Kano as an example,
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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - 5 Facts You Need to Know

Rob Leane Feb 13, 2019

For fans who want single-player games set in the galaxy far far away, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order could be your only hope.

EA's next Aaa video game release set in the Star Wars galaxy will be Respawn's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It's a single-player game, which will be music to the ears to fans of the franchise who aren't particularly keen on multiplayer online shooting contests.

However, given that the Star Wars saga is shrouded in mystery at the best of times, and considering that Respawn is the company that just released Apex Legends completely out of the blue (without so much as a teaser preceding that battle royale title's exciting arrival), it shouldn't come as any surprise whatsoever that details are very scarce when it comes to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

The game is due for release later this year, though,
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‘Star Wars’ Composer John Williams to Quit Franchise After Episode IX

  • The Wrap
‘Star Wars’ Composer John Williams to Quit Franchise After Episode IX
John Williams says that “Star Wars: Episode IX” will be the last movie in the franchise he will score. “We know J.J. Abrams is preparing one now that I will hopefully do next year for him,” Williams said on radio station Kusc. “I look forward it. It will round out a series of nine, that will be quite enough for me.”

Williams has scored eight “Star Wars” films to date: “Star Wars,” “The Empire Strikes Back,” “Return of the Jedi,” “Phantom Menace,” “Attack of the Clones,” “Revenge of the Sith,” “The Force Awakens” and “The Last Jedi.”
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Movie News: Where 'Solo' Fits in the 'Star Wars' Timeline; Brie Larson's 'Captain Marvel' Gets a Doctor

Solo: A Star Wars Story: We've known for quite some time that Solo: A Star Wars Story will explore the early days of Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich), but when exactly in the Star Wars timeline does it take place? According to a new timeline available from publisher Del Rey Books, events in the film begin after Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith and before both the animated series Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Look for Solo in theaters on May 25, 2018. [Slashfilm]   Captain Marvel: Gemma Chan (Stratton, above) has joined the cast of Captain Marvel. She will portray Minn-Erva, aka Doctor Minerva, a geneticist and spy in the Marvel comic books. Brie Larson, Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn are already set to star in the film...
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Movies to Show My Son: ‘Star Wars’

Welcome to another installment of Movies to Show My Son. This is the blog series where I discuss movies I can’t wait to show my son in the future. I’ll be covering my own personal experience with the movie, movie and life lessons I hope he will learn, and lastly my concerns about showing said film. This week’s film is Star Wars.

My Memories:

I know many can point to the exact moment they sat down and saw Star Wars for the first time. They can speak to it as the ultimate religious experience where they transcended their physical forms to become one with the force. For me, I cannot recall the first time I saw Star Wars, or if going in I knew about who Luke’s dad was or if I was ever properly prepared for what I was about to witness. Of course, I watched it,
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Rogue One Easter Egg Foreshadowed A Major Plot Point Of The Last Jedi

Sandwiched between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope on the Lucasfilm timeline, Rogue One was designed to be the first in a series of Star Wars anthology movies – movies that will, in time, gently expand this most beloved franchise in new and exciting directions.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will hope to achieve the same level of box office stardom on May 25th, 2018, but upon further analysis, it turns out Rogue One shares some connective tissue to the just-released Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Originally dreamed up by Ilm (Industrial Light and Magic) supervisor John Knoll, who mined inspiration from the opening crawl to A New Hope, it’s been revealed that Rogue One actually name-drops hyperspace tracking, a game-changing piece of tech that plays into The Last Jedi‘s prolonged chase sequence.

For years – nay, generations – launching into hyperspeed has been the silver bullet of the Rebel Alliance,
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Star Wars Streaming Guide: Where to Watch Online

Alec Bojalad John Saavedra Jan 19, 2019

No need to go to a galaxy far, far away for your Star Wars fix. Just check our streaming guide to watching Star Wars movies online!

This Star Wars article contains spoilers.

There's no end in sight to Star Wars. Disney controls both Lucasfilm and the world itself, so it's going to be a long time before we don't have a new Star Wars movie to look forward to. 

Not only that but the series also already has an impressive amount of content already in the books. The "watch every Star Wars movie" marathons are bound to get longer and you'll need an easy compendium of sources to find each and every flick. 

With that in mind, we've compiled the complete list of Star Wars streaming movies. This covers the original trilogy, the sequel trilogy, the prequels, and any other Star Wars-related movie that will come out now and forever.
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Fans Either Totally Love or Totally Hate The Last Jedi

Fans Either Totally Love or Totally Hate The Last Jedi
Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi has finally hit theaters and it might be the most divisive Star Wars movie to ever hit the theaters. Social media is torn with some fans absolutely loving the movie while others are calling it a flaming pile of excrement and a stain on the Star Wars franchise. It's hard when a franchise has such intense followers to please everybody and Rian Johnson took some major risks that either fans love or hate. There are literally gripes about every inch of the movie as well as praise and it's all a bit confusing.

Even though early reviews and reactions of The Last Jedi were extremely positive, the fans are divided right down the middle. One particularly angry fan took to Twitter to show off a picture of a Star Wars shirt on fire after watching The Last Jedi. The latest installment clearly broke the
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‘The Last Jedi’ Will Be the Biggest Movie of 2017, Even as It Leaves Some Records Untouched

  • Indiewire
‘The Last Jedi’ Will Be the Biggest Movie of 2017, Even as It Leaves Some Records Untouched
The first shows for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” begin tonight, and there’s every expectation that is will be the biggest-opening, top-grossing domestic release of 2017. At a minimum, we’re looking at a $200 million opening, with $225 million very likely.

With strong holiday playtime following the first 10 days of release, a multiple of at least three times its opening is possible, which could propel to the domestic take to around $700 million.

Yes, it’s going to be huge — but there’s a few records it might not beat. Here (with adjusting numbers to 2017 values) are some comparable numbers that “Jedi” will easily best, and a few that seem unlikely.

Top domestic grosses of 2017: Yes

“The Last Jedi” should find the opening numbers easy to beat, and it’s hard to imagine it won’t be the best-performing movie of the year.

Film Studio Opening Gross Domestic Total Beauty and the Beast
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Second Opinion – Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, 2017

Written and Directed by Rian Johnson.

Starring Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver, Carrie Fisher, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels, Laura Dern, Kelly Marie Tran, Benicio del Toro, Billie Lourd, Gwendoline Christie, Lupita Nyong’o, Jimmy Vee, Tim Rose, Warwick Davis, Hermione Corfield and Veronica Ngo.


Having taken her first steps into the Jedi world, Rey joins Luke Skywalker on an adventure with Leia, Finn and Poe that unlocks mysteries of the Force and secrets of the past.

One of the big complaints about Star Wars: The Force Awakens was that it felt like an old band having one last run with a new singer (say, Queen for example). They played the old hits, the stuck to the same chord structures and they didn’t try anything too new in case people just wanted to hear the favourites again.
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All About the Most Talked-About New Character From The Last Jedi: Admiral Holdo

You know what Star Wars hasn't had enough of? Female friends. The Phantom Menace showcased plenty of women, but it never clearly delineated whether the handmaidens are Padmé Amidala's friends as well as her decoys and bodyguards. Attack of the Clones, for the most part, isolates the queen-turned-Senator; she shares a teary farewell with her handmaiden Dormé when fleeing Coruscant and then strategizes with the new Queen of Naboo. Her scenes with Mon Mothma in the incipient rebellion against the Emperor were cut from the theatrical release of Revenge of the Sith. Padmé ends her arc as a lone female character in a story about men, much like Leia in the original trilogy. Although The Force Awakens includes more female characters, bonds of friendship do not connect them. Carrie Fisher's veteran General Leia Organa interacts only briefly with Daisy Ridley's scavenger loner Rey. Gwendoline Christie's Captain Phasma
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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Reviews: ‘Triumph,’ ‘Explosive Sugar Rush of Spectacle,’ But Has Flaws

  • The Wrap
‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Reviews: ‘Triumph,’ ‘Explosive Sugar Rush of Spectacle,’ But Has Flaws
Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is upon us, and according to critics, the new entry in the franchise is “the real deal” and “a triumph.” “It is one of the best ‘Star Wars’ movies we’ve seen thus far, standing alongside ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Revenge of the Sith’ as a visually dazzling and character-driven spectacle which sets itself apart from the blockbuster pack,” Forbes’ Scott Mendelsohn wrote. The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw said, “‘The Last Jedi’ gives you an explosive sugar rush of spectacle.” TheWrap’s film critic Alonso Duralde wrote in his review, “If having pure fun
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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Review: Here’s the Most Satisfying Star Wars Movie in Decades

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Review: Here’s the Most Satisfying Star Wars Movie in Decades
When Disney bought the entire Star Wars franchise from Lucasfilm for all the money in the galaxy, the deal forced a reckoning: Over 40 years, George Lucas garnered a massive and rabid fanbase for his singular vision of old-fashioned matinees refashioned for a galaxy far, far away — but it also remained tethered to his whims. (Knock those dopey prequels all you want, but they were the movies Lucas wanted to make.)

Millions of fans clamored for satisfaction after the first trilogy, but what they faced was an unwieldy assemblage of Star Wars media in a constant state of identity crisis. There was Jar Jar Binks; there was Hayden Christensen as a young Darth Vader; there were plans to re-release “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith” in 3D.

The first post-acquisition movie, J.J. Abrams'” The Force Awakens,” took some stabs at creating a more vital and singular vision,
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Star Wars: Everything We Know About Benicio Del Toro's Mysterious Character

From the beginning, Benicio Del Toro's character in The Last Jedi has been mysterious. His casting in Episode VIII was announced in February 2016, days before the start of principal photography. Vague rumors circulated about the nature of his part, with trade publications like Variety reporting he might be a villain. But Lucasfilm kept fans guessing for over a year. The studio even kept Del Toro's character under wraps during the massive Star Wars Celebration convention in April 2017, and the actor himself did not make an appearance at the convention for the film's flagship panel. We finally learned the character's name - "DJ" - in Vanity Fair's cover story on The Last Jedi in May 2017. Director Rian Johnson called DJ a "shady character" but refused to elaborate. As for the name, Johnson hinted that "there's a reason why we call him DJ." At Disney's D23 Expo convention in July, Del
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The Kill Counter: Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (Video)

  • JoBlo
Ever wondered how many people lose their lives in any particular movie, be it action, horror, sci-fi, or even comedy? Well, we've got you covered with The Kill Counter, our hit series takes out the guesswork and counts every death on (and sometimes off) screen. Break out your calculator and try to keep up! On this week's episode, we take on George Lucas' prequel Star Wars trilogy, including The Phantom Menace, Attack Of The Clones, and Revenge Of The Sith... Read More...
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Star Wars Obi-wan Kenobi Spin-off Will Reportedly Begin Production in 2019

It wasn't too long ago that we learned that Disney and Lucasfilm are working on a spinoff film for Obi-Wan Kenobi, but now we're actually hearing when the standalone is scheduled to begin production.

Omega Underground reports that filming is set to begin at Pinewood Studios UK sometime in January of 2019, putting it on track for a 2020 release. Pinewood has been used a lot in bringing the galaxy far, far away to life.

It's still way too early to know what the plot might be; In fact, we may not know much about that until the film actually is released, but many speculate that the story will take place following the events of Revenge of the Sith and follow the Jedi master's adventures on Tatooine up until old Ben appears again in A New Hope.

It is also not confirmed that Ewan McGregor will reprise his iconic role as Kenobi,
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Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi Has A Lot To Live Up To

Neil Calloway on why the second films in Star Wars trilogies are the best…

Unless you’ve been hiding out on Dagobah or in the Outer Rim Territories, you’ll be aware that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is released this week. It’s a Star Wars movie, so has a lot to live up to, but it’s also the second film in the trilogy, so it will probably be the best one.

It’s not only the fact that Rian Johnson has been given carte blanche on his own Star Wars trilogy to follow this one, and personally I’m looking forward to him telling the story of the Gungans in great detail, but precedent also says it has the most potential.

In the same way that people who know these things say the even numbered Star Trek films are better than the odd numbered ones (don’t
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Ranking the Star Wars Films by their Lightsaber Battles

  • Cinelinx
All cinematic lightsaber battles are not equal. This is a ranking of the Star Wars films based on the Lightsaber battles that they portray.

The Lightsaber is an iconic and unique part of the Star Wars universe much in the same way we associate the Proton Pack with Ghostbusters, or the phaser to Star Trek. The inclusion of this futuristic light sword into Star Wars came from George Lucas’ love of fantasy serials, which frequently featured characters with swords. Much in the same way that medieval Knights represented a regal and noble order of combatants, the Jedi represents an individual devoted towards upholding peace and justice. It was only fitting then that they received a weapon that would represent the dignity of their status and charge. Of course, those good guys need someone to fight, and so the major enemies of the Jedi also tend to have Lightsabers.

Aside from
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - navigating the fan theories

Ryan Lambie Nov 29, 2017

Who are Rey’s parents? What’s with this Snoke guy? We wrap our brains around some of the numerous Star Wars theories...

Nb: The following contains speculation and possible spoilers - if the speculation’s correct - for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Oh, and inevitable spoilers for The Force Awakens. And a mention of TV's Lost.

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There’s a moment at the end of the 70s martial arts classic Enter The Dragon where, during the final fight between our hero Bruce Lee and the villainous Mr Han, the latter ducks into a seemingly huge room full of mirrors. Lee, surrounded by infinite corridors of his own reflection, turns this way and that as Mr Han, a
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Holy Sh*t: Rey Could Be a Palpatine in the New Star Wars Trilogy

It's been well over a year since Star Wars: The Force Awakens blasted into our galaxy, and we're still processing. While there are some lingering questions about the latest trilogy, one glaring mystery seems to stick out among the rest: who the hell are Rey's parents? While there are plenty of plausible theories, one insane internet claim out there alleges the most unexpected lineage for Rey: she could be related to Emperor Palpatine. Is Rey the granddaughter of the evil Sith Lord? We're unpacking all the most prominent evidence so you can decide for yourself. Her Fighting Style Is Similar Rey's first move in her lightsaber duel with Kylo Ren is a forward stab. This also happens to be the exact same first move Emperor Palpatine executes in Revenge of the Sith. It's also worth noting that these are the only two Force-sensitive individuals to use this form of attack.
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