Ronin (1998) Poster


Sean Bean: Spence



  • Spence : You ever kill anybody?

    Sam : I hurt somebody's feelings once.

  • Spence : You worried about saving your own skin?

    Sam : Yeah, I am. It covers my body.

  • Spence : We got shooters here and here. I tell you an old trick.

    Sam : Hey...

    [rubs the board] 

    Spence : What's your problem?

    Sam : Draw again. Draw it again. You're the ace field man. Draw it again. It's a simple diagram. Just draw it again. Draw what you saw. Draw it again! Draw it again!

    Sam : [Spence remains silent. Sam takes the marker and draws on the board]  Two shooters. Car comes through here. Shooters across each other. Kill each other dead. Oh my, where'd you learn that?

    Spence : In the regiment.

    Sam : What regiment was that?

    Spence : The 22nd Special Air Service.

    Sam : What's the color of the boathouse at Hereford?


    Spence : I don't like your attitude!

    Sam : What's the color of the boathouse -...

    Spence : Fuck off!

    Sam : What's - -you got the gun. I'm unarmed. Do something. Go ahead. Do something. DO SOMETHING.

    [Spence spills the coffee cup and Sam subdues him] 

    Sam : Tell me about an ambush. I ambushed you with a cup of coffee!

  • Sam : You aren't going in there?

    Spence : Yeah I'm going in there, and so are you.

    Sam : Why am I going in there?

    Spence : Why? To protect me!

    Sam : There is no protection there. If it's a come on we're fish in a barrel. What are you doing? Why do they want you in there? What are you, crazy?

  • Spence : [in French]  Don't make any sudden moves. Just because we're buying guns doesn't mean we didn't bring any.

  • Spence : You think too hard.

    Sam : Nobody ever told me that before.

  • Spence : You ex military?

    Sam : No, I got my job in the New York Times.

  • Spence : Got the swag, kept the money. It's a job well done, a job well done. That's a fact.

  • Spence : Almost turned into a bit of raspberry jam back there, yeah, a bit of raspberry jam!

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