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Sex & Nudity

  • Review is from a 93 minute version.
  • Susan takes off her blouse in the doctor's office for Eric, breasts seen.
  • Kari takes a shower, but too steamy to make out anything.
  • Kari removes her top in the doctor's office in front of Dr. Speer, exposing her breasts, then Eric enters.
  • Jocelyn paints while topless. She then goes to Kyle's house, drops her top exposing her breasts, they have sex as she shows breasts and partial rear. She then gets out of bed showing full rear and partial full frontal.
  • Kyle gets out of bed, brief rear exposure.
  • Kyle looks at porn as he prepares to donate sperm. When he is shy about it, Kari enters and exposes one breast.
  • A drunk Kari removes her top for Eric, as they make out. Dr. and Mrs. Speer show up, remove her panties (don't see anything) and take a sample. Later she rolls over in bed showing her bare rear, gets out of bed showing partial breasts.
  • Jocelyn and Kyle make out while standing, she shows full frontal, then they have sex, she shows breasts.
  • Kari finds Heather and Kyle in bad, implying sex, but they are covered by sheets. They both get out of bed and both show bare rear.
  • Kari has several dreams, one of her topless on top of Kyle, seemingly giving him a hand job, though not seen. Then she is topless having sex with Eric. They it changes to Kyle on top of her. Another scene of Keri taking off her top exposing her breasts, implied that she gets in bed with Kyle.

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