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This is certainly different
rmgaspar2 March 1999
You certainly can accuse Lebensborn of being a cliché movie, like it or not. It's wise to know that the movie is controversial from the very beginning to the very last (and surprising) scene. The plot is about two twins who get in college and start to realize that a process of generating arian babies through genetic research is being held at the campus. They get kinda lost, because in a way the process is making their lives easier, though it's morally incorrect especially because of its connection with the nazi concepts. I certainly don't know where this movie came from (it "appeared" in brazilian cable), but wherever it was, it's underrated.
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Despicable movie
jdp-216 March 2000
Warning: Spoilers
Lebensborn is a movie without any depth and with a morally despicable ending. Throughout the whole move Kari is trying to find out what is going on and is utterly disgusted with what she finds out. However, after the nazi has given his purely demagogic speech, she decides to hump her brother after all!?

On the other hand, people who like to see lots of beautiful naked women and have no trouble with ignoring the lack of depth and moral fibre, will have the time of their lives...
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Hot Girls!
evers325 May 2006
The girl who plays Susan is a real hottie.I'd like to third her Reich! I wonder what happened to her.She should have been a big star.Any one reading this should really check this movie out.Good production values .(for a b movie.)Great sound track.The plot is awesome.Really liked the girl who played Susan.Hopefully there will be a sequel.Nazis are not funny.Where else has this film been seen?I know it was shown at Cannes.It was also shown at few other festivals.Mostly filmed in Dallas Texas.Is there anywhere I can get a copy?This movie should be on HBO or maybe USA network.I have read that it was shown on cable in Brasil. Go figure thats where all the old Nazis live.Maybe it should be seen on satellite.
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Weird movie!
donof200025 August 2012
I watched some of this on youtube. Not sure which one is Susan but I'm pretty sure I would third her Reich- haha. Only until 3:30 am though! She's a star in my eyes- haha. It's weird this movie was made in 1997. You would think it was made in the 1970's. Inglorious Basterds and Valkyrie were awesome movies that showed how evil Hitler was and what it would be like to take him down (one was fantasy and the other was based on a true story). It's so weird to hear that this was filmed in Texas. You would never know it. Anyway, this might be a good movie to check out before you watch those 2.......to get you in the mood for some revenge.
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