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Season 3

25 Sep. 1999
Honey, Name That Tune
Wayne goes back in time to prove to his family that the Bopkas and the song he likes really do exist. There he finds out that they are Russian spies with plans to take over the world by overthrowing parents. The family goes back in time to help him stop them. One question remains if they never sang the song, then where did he hear it?
2 Oct. 1999
Honey, It's the Billion Dollar Brain
Wayne succeeds in raising a man from the dead, who unfortunately has a plan to kidnap his immediate family.
9 Oct. 1999
Honey, It Takes Two to Mambo
Diane's sister, Elaine, is in town and as Wayne doesn't like her he invents something so he can't understand her. As usual Wayne's creation goes wrong and Elaine's personality gets into Wayne's brain. Now the family must work together to get everything back to normal without the help of Wayne.
16 Oct. 1999
Honey, We're on TV!
Wayne and the kids settle down to watch television during a big storm in town and he has invented a remote control that will bring any TV shows you could ever watch from the past to now. Somehow they get sucked into the TV so when Diane and the Chief come home and finds them in the TV they need to try to get Wayne and the kids out.
6 Nov. 1999
Honey, It's Gloom and Doom
Wayne is busy trying to perfect his Hypolyptical Organic Oxide Ray (a.k.a. the Hoo-Ray), a device based on mood-ring technology that will cause people to be happy, thus ending war and boosting global self-esteem. Wayne's new foreign assistant, Vlad Bolvahnicz, cautions that changing nature isn't necessarily a good thing. While working late on the project, Vlad is visited by members of the Global League of Oppressed Madmen (GLOOM). Vlad is actually an anarchist too, and his job at Jentech is part of GLOOM's eco-terrorist plot to teach the industrialised, polluting ...
6 Nov. 1999
Honey, I'm Kung Fu Fighting
Ninjas invade the town of Matheson -- the Szalinski family is the entire city's last hope.
13 Nov. 1999
Honey, I'm Not Up to Par
Jennings bets his company on a golf game even though he can't play very well. He asks Wayne to build golf clubs to help them win but Jennings gets hurt so Wayne has to play. Meanwhile Diane, and the kids are feeling crowded with Wayne's invention so they decide to sell the stuff they don't use but after a while people don't like them so now they have to get them all back.
20 Nov. 1999
Honey, It's One Small Step for Mankind
Randy Rude the Science Dude comes into town to visit and he wants to get married so Wayne tries to fix him up with the love chair and love booster. Something happens when Randy tries to leave with the van and presses the booster button that blasts them into space. Or are they really in space?
27 Nov. 1999
Honey, You're Driving Me Like Crazy
Amy finally gets her drivers' license. Like the paranoid father he is, Wayne designs a completely new car for her daughter with various safety measures.
18 Dec. 1999
Honey, the Play's the Thingie
Amy begs Wayne to direct a play to save a community theatre. He reluctantly agrees and finds people coming to his doorstep to try out. Meanwhile, three aliens came to the house to fix their spaceship. The aliens came here since they know Amy and the family. Some bad guys are after the aliens so the family is on the look out whilst also being in the play.
8 Jan. 2000
Honey, He Ain't Rude, He's My Brother
Wayne's brother Randy Rude the Science Dude comes to town with his show. He invites Wayne to help him get the ratings up. Wayne agrees to help but unbeknownst to him, he started taking over. When he realises this, he plans a way to pay back for all the times that he has taken over.
15 Jan. 2000
Honey, You Won't Believe What Happens Next
Wayne invents a pair of glasses to watch the solar eclipse with his family. Somehow he can see the future with the glasses. The rest of the family members are having trouble getting to the eclipse. Amy loses her note, the bus breaks down for Nick, and Diane is in a dog case. Wayne sees the future where his family is nearly killed. Can he save them in time?
22 Jan. 2000
Honey, Situation Normal, All Szalinski'd Up
Amy wants to get into college, and Wayne wants to help impress the recruiter who's coming to dinner at the Szalinski house. Worried about being embarrassed by her family, Amy convinces Diane to talk to Wayne about acting normal during dinner. Diane talks to Wayne while he's working on the Psycho-Cybernetics Generator, a machine that makes one's thoughts happen in real life. Diane blurts out that she wishes they were a normal family just as she's zapped by the generator. The next day Diane becomes frozen in time and, lost inside her thought of a normal family, learns ...
29 Jan. 2000
Honey, It's the Fixer-Uppers
Things go wrong when Wayne tries to fix the fridge as his hinge ruins the kitchen so now they have to clean the kitchen. Mishappenings just keep happening and as usual Jennings makes things worse. Can they get everything back in order before the family comes back? Amy, Diane, and Nick are at the zoo trying to save it. Amy, who usually messes everything up, lets a journalist in, against the zoo's wishes, because he was "cute" so now they must get the guy out.
5 Feb. 2000
Honey, I'm on the Lam
Amy writes a good story about her dad and his inventions. Two mobsters, one that looks like Wayne, finds Wayne and decides to switch, so they can get in the clear. They kidnap Wayne and the bad guy goes into the house. After a while Wayne gets taped and tied at a hotel and Amy figures out what's going on. Will the bad guys get caught and will Wayne get home safely?
12 Feb. 2000
Honey, I'm the Wrong Arm of the Law
Wayne makes police equipment for the Chief. Jake is running to be chief for another two years is reluctant, and won't listen the rest of the family. The family are at a community service, serving meals where the people protest and the cook quits. Also, a jewel thief ties the family up. Wayne goes after Jack to warn him and save his family.
19 Feb. 2000
Honey, It's an Interplanetary, Extraordinary Life
Diane is running to become partner in her law firm and she must host a dinner for a man and his wife. The time hopper is broken and Wayne is trying to repair it but it sends them through time and space during the dinner. Now the family and the couple must work together to get everything back to normal. Will Diane get her new job? Will Wayne get the time hopper fixed?
26 Feb. 2000
Honey, I'm Spooked
The kids come in possession of a haunted trunk, which turns Nick into a plant and spiritually possesses Amy.
29 Apr. 2000
Honey, Like Father, Like Son
When a Canadian secret service recruits Wayne to capture a fiendish villain that Wayne once went to school with, plans to capture him go haywire, and Amy is dating his son. Amy finds out that her supposed boyfriend is using her to steal one of Wayne's inventions, she tries to stop him but will Amy succeed? And will Wayne and the Chief stop the bad guys?
6 May 2000
Honey, Growing Up Is Hard to Do
Nick wants to appear on a show called Smart Mouth because he believes he knows everything. Everyone tells him that he is too young so Nick makes a chemical which accelerates his aging process, turning him into a grown man overnight. But his parents eventually create an antidote so now they must convince Nick to go back to normal or he will be a grown up forever.
13 May 2000
Honey, I Shrink, Therefore I Am
Wayne's shrink ray begins malfunctioning, and shrinks anything that moves. Eventually it manages to shrink the entire Szalinski family, and they must work together to get themselves back to their regular sizes.
20 May 2000
Honey, Whodunit?
The shrink ray is not working and it shrinks Amy, Jack, Wayne and Jake so now they must try to get back to their normal size again.

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