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Three scholarly men go west
bkoganbing21 November 2014
I suppose I'll have to consult some folks I know who make a living at theology, but I didn't know that the Three Wise Men mentioned in the Christmas story were Persians and followers of Zoroaster. All I remember was that they were from the East so some assumptions are made here.

The three are presented as scholars and they are played by Raymond Burr, Richard Hale, and John Crawford. Burr is the skeptic of the three, but the other two are convinced that a newly observed star is something foretold from the Hebrew prophecies. The three are versed in Jewish lore, I assume they're studying texts left to them by Esther and Mordecai.

After that the story follows along the lines set out in the gospels. Morris Ankrum plays an evil King Herod and Jay Novello who usually plays funny little guys who are of some kind of Latin or Italian origin changes type and he's a real schemer as Herod's spymaster.

An interesting variation on the best known story in the world.
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"Huge Surprise"!
scotschu00716 November 2011
I cannot express in words how surprised I was by this short movie. I stumbled upon this as part of a large collection of old holiday Christmas shows, and was not expecting much at all, and then I was hooked. This movie comes from interesting point of view hat could be expanded to a full length feature film.It tells the story of the gathering to the stable where Jesus was born. We all know the story, and have heard thousands of time in Christmas carols, but this hits the mark unlike no other medium. In short this is the ultimate Christmas movie. Raymond Burr is awesome as one of the three kings. I also enjoyed the angel revealing himself to the shepherds.

The movie has stayed with me since viewing. It will become a tradition in my household. I highly recommend it to those searching for a little perspective on the true reason of the season.All in all quite enjoyable.
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Worth Watching
Sober-Friend3 April 2017
This is a production that is worth seeing. This is the story of the Three Magi's search for the Christ child following their discovery of a new star foretold in Jewish scripture and Zoroastrain religious texts.

Raymond Burr is the best known cast member. If you are looking for a good version of "The three wise men and the journey to Bethlehem" then watch this film. It is available on DVD. It is sold in collections of other "Christmas Films". Because the short television film (runs 30 minutes) is in public domain the quality will vary from various releases.

The sound I herd on the DVD that I have could be easily fixed. I hope someday some company will restore this. It is very good. It tells the story and you have a better understanding of the "Three Wise Men".

Please watch this if you get the chance.
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Raymond Burr's early television appearance!
Sylviastel3 February 2019
Raymond Burr was an actor at the Pasadena Playhouse. Morris Ankrum was one of the directors there. In this Christmas episode, the three kings go to bring gifts to Jesus by following the star. It's a family theatre episode and charming for the most part.
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Science vs. Faith.
mark.waltz27 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The combination of astronomy and astrology guides the three wise-men to the side of the birth of a miracle: salvation, brought down to earth through the human vessel of a virgin. Two of the wise-men totally believed, while the third isn't quite so sure. Raymond Burr puts aside his villains to play the wise man consumed by scientific discovery who must reach into his heart and utilize his Gos given knowledge of the stars in order to find the site of the miracle. Morris Ankrum is excellent as the Shakespeare like villain King Herod who plans evil upon learning of the birth of an alleged new king. The plot really only begins in this episode of a classic television anthology series, and if you know how the story continued, you will certainly be touched. An enjoyable holiday treat, this is merely a cupcake in the life of Jesus, covering the political circumstances surrounding his birth. The only thing that I felt unnecessary was the presence of a well-meaning but high-pitched voiced priest trying to teach the family how to pray. When he uttered the sentence, "The family who prays together stays together", I almost choked. The miracle of the birth of our savior does not require these pathos and speaks for itself.
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