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  • Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Act I. Stage view of theater. Curtain rises and discloses a garden scene and view of the Vicarage and Church. Vicar and choir enter the Church for evening prayer and song, during which time the love of Dr. Jekyll for Alice, the Vicar's daughter, is presented in a pathetic manner. Then comes the transformation of the moral and physical character of Dr. Jekyll from the admirable gentleman and scholar to the ferocious brute of a maniac known as Mr. Hyde. He is irresistibly addicted to a drink of his own mixture, one of his medical discoveries. It sets him wild and his other self reigns supreme. This change is remarkably characterized and displayed with a dramatic ability almost beyond conception. He attacks his sweetheart. her father, the Vicar of the Church, approaches and interferes. With fiendish glee and demon strength, Hyde kills the Vicar, disappears, and the next moment is seen as Dr. Jekyll. Act II. In the office of Mr. Utterson, a lawyer in Chancery Lane. Although counsel for Dr. Jekyll, Utterson's suspicions are aroused as to his guilt. Dr. Jekyll visits the lawyer's office. When left alone he becomes remorseful and has a vision of the gallows with a noose around his neck. This important feature is shown in a most realistic manner, then the scene changes to introduce just enough comedy to bring emotion to the sentimental sort. Act III. Includes a scene in the office of Dr. Lanyon, a friend of Dr. Jekyll. At midnight Dr. Lanyon sees, a crouching figure on the portico of the building. It is Hyde, who when he enters changes to Dr. Jekyll by taking a single draught. Dr. Lanyon is overcome and prostrated with astonishment. Act IV. Reveals the mystery of the double existence lived by Dr. Jekyll. Scene 2 shows Dr. Jekyll's laboratory and his last struggle for supremacy of his real being. here he is visited by Alice, still unknowing this man to be the murderer of her father. This thought, together with his intense love for the girl, drives him to despair. She leaves, expecting to see him again tomorrow; on tomorrow which never comes. He drinks again the awful drug and when changed to Mr. Hyde poisons himself to kill the Dr. Jekyll whom he hated. -- The Moving Picture World, March 7, 1908

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