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Unsuccessful mash-up of fetish & the usual porn
lor_16 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Ron Sullivan aka Henri Pachard is a filmmaker I have followed for so many years, and even his misfires are interesting as he frequently tried for novelty rather than grinding out the same old porn content over and over. Its title makes obvious that "Patent Leather" is poaching on the fetish market, but the result is half-baked.

I guess latex has replaced patent leather in fetish gear in the decades since this video was released, but the intent is the same. Little did I know back when I was watching that great British import "The Avengers" on ABC in the late '60s that Diana Rigg as Emma Peel was introducing the fetish lifestyle to millions of unsuspecting viewers.

Nominal storyline has director "Pachard" on screen in a central role -right from the opening scene where he is propositioned by hooker Ariel (nicely played by Missy) in front of a dumpster, only to be interrupted in their transaction (trying to drive down her exorbitant $200 for oral sex fee to a more manageable Benjamin) by her abusive boyfriend Alex Sanders. Pachard gets frightened and flees, cuing a Sanders/Missy sex scene.

It's routine sex (including anilingus) made interesting by her p.l. garb: boots, gloves and slave fetish outfit. Twist is it turns out only to be a game, in that corny "spicing up the marriage gambit" wherein after Alex's money shot it's revealed that Missy & Pachard are married, and Alex is merely a long-haired hired hand.

Second vignette introduces another couple: paunchy (big pot-belly) Shawn Ricks and a red p.l. clad Sidney St. James fighting but having makeup sex, again the spotlight on her fancy fetish garb. Main element of interest here is who is in charge, their domination roles varying over the course of the hump.

Third vignette indicated to me that auteur Sullivan had lost his way, or perhaps his commitment, midway through shooting the quickie, as this segment is strictly sex filler with no setup, no characterizations, strictly gonzo junk. T.T. Boy is either blank or sullen throughout, dealing with redhead Nikki Arizona who has a nice body and is amenable to anal sex. It's a bore and at the end T.T. seems to make a gesture objecting to the dependence on fetish p.l. but the content and message is forever garbled.

Fourth sex scene introduces a major character who is not listed in the beginning or end credits, a circumstance I attribute to sloppiness rather than intention. She's an older actress with impressive but fake breasts having sex with star Ariel. I couldn't recognize her but likely could have 20 years ago when this video was new -she probably being of the Shelby Stevens second rank status and not so memorable. Both in patent leather, they have a well-shot, heavy-duty scene with plenty of fingering and gonzo elements including dildo/vibrator. At one point Ariel deep-throats the woman's very long stiletto heel for another fetish in the bargain.

Jake Steed pops up for mixed-combo action in the final sex scene opposite Rachel Love, an actress who is terrible at improvising and hardly responds to vet Steed's attempt to make something of their scene together (beyond humping). Before Steed's inevitable money shot we see Ariel & Pachard reappear in the background as voyeur & voyeuse, trying very poorly to inject some meaning into the mindless video. Though Rachel requests that Jake cum on her patent leather, he gives her a facial instead, and to her complaint he responds "I saw it in a movie", so true.

Pachard swears he will give up the fetish life style entirely, but in a final simulated (Ron Sullivan is the auteur after all, not a sex performer per se) blow job by Ariel as his reward for taking the pledge, we see his arm straying to fondle some of the discarded leather gear nearby for stimulation.

I have seen quite a few mainstream efforts to introduce various fetish elements into regular porn, ranging from directors like Michael Ninn to more recently Nick Orleans and they never ring true. So I've decided to venture where no man has gone before (sane man that is), and I'll be likely the very first IMDb reviewer to actually tackle 100% fetish videos, starting with what I hope will prove accessible for me, Darla Crane and her Bettie Page-inspired bondage efforts for the Harmony Concepts label. IMDb lists thousands of these colorfully titled videos dating back to the VHS era, but I've never seen one reviewed here.
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