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Funny, offbeat film
kelicom5 July 2000
What a crude, hilarious sense of humor! The actors, director, the writer, were all unknowns to me when I picked up the video and took it home. Sean Patrick Flanery is adorable, but all the characters in this offbeat film leave an impression. The scene with the preacher had me laughing out loud, and rewinding the tape to watch it again. I've never seen a movie quite like this.
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Foolish and aimless
jjnxn-112 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Filmmaker 1: Let's take a cast of talented performers, why not a Hollywood legend too-make sure to stick a fright wig on her and make her character ridiculous, and stick them in an aimless, foolish and pointless story that we'll say is about recovering from a great loss but has so little direction that no one will actually care what it's about and then end it in the most tasteless manner possible.

Filmmaker 2: You don't have to it's already been done in Zack & Reba!

Most of the characters act in a totally unnatural and unconvincing way. The players are all too gifted for them to be blamed since they try their best to make something from the dross they're handed but they can only do so much. Terrible movie.
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A three rating is pretty harsh
jensparks18 August 2001
This movie has no explosions nor does it have blood and guts, hell it doesn't even have Julia Roberts. But it's undeniably a cute romantic comedy with a weird sense of humor. It's a mix between a black comedy and a true romance story. Brittany Murphy is outstanding, it's nice to finally see a film in which she stars. Sean P.F. is also great in this movie and they seem to have good chemistry together. So if you're not looking for a blockbuster hit and want to try a movie thats a little more on the cynical side (still telling a good story none the less) pick this up from your local video store. I was so impressed I bought it.
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offbeat fun
Bridget-38 June 2000
Debbie Reynolds outside her perky persona is what drew me, but this movie is a lot more. Brittany Murphy is adorable, and Sean Patrick Flannery should be out of the indies by now. It makes you smile while you watch,a clever story, and no glaring holes in the plot. What more can you want?
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A lotta laughs and fun
pennia417 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I think of the many films iv'e seen Zack and Reba is the one that has made me laugh the most. Debbie Reynolds does a fantastic job of playing a wacky grandma. When Zack's (Sean Patrick Flannery)wife dies he cannot get over his grief so he Carry's his wife's skeleton with him, when Reba's (Brittany Murphy) Fiancé shots himself she doesn't think she'l find anyone else. If your bored or it's just a rainy day, Zack and Reba will keep you laughing. Brittany Murphy does a wonderful job of playing Reba, and Debbie Reynolds is one of the most original characters ever.

Another character which will leave you in stitches is the slightly perverted priest with his "pomegrantete" line. Definitely a worthwhile film.
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Definitely not the best romantic comedy I've seen...
K N6 August 2000
Well, first of all, I give it 6 out of 10. The plot is not very well thought out, and the characters are portrayed as very bland and superficial. The only good performances come from Sean Patrick Flanery (who excels in any movie that he's in) and Debbie Reynolds. There were hardly any chemistry between the leading characters, which I suppose isn't really their fault but the script's. Overall, the movie is not even worth commenting much about so I guess I will stop here.
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quirky and silly
Wylderaven7 June 2002
I bought this movie before seeing it, because it was rare and had two favorites of mine (Flanery and Murphy). I watched the entire thing, not knowing whether it was okay to laugh at lines like, " my wife's bones." - then decided it was fine, and continued to laugh uproariously throughout the rest of the film.

Dark humor mingled with fantastic line delivery and offbeat, oddly lovable characters make this movie one of my favorites. Murphy is beautiful and sweet as the girl who doesn't want to admit that her ex-fiance actually killed himself after she broke it off with him - and definitely doesn't want to admit that she's got a crush on the town looney's grandson. Flanery is superb as a young man who rarely leaves his room after the death of his wife...who's bones are never far from his side. (as a sidenote, Flanery deserves to be out of the indies, I don't know of anyone who can flesh out characters as well as he can - however, I would hate to see him in the mainstreams, because it wouldn't be a challenge - nor would he get such interesting roles) And for those of us who are mothers of small children, there's an extra special surprise in the form of Michael Jeeter - who we recognize from Elmo's World. He plays a cute little drunken grave robber - which will give you all (or maybe just the morbid ones like myself) something to giggle about when you next watch Sesame Street with your little one.

Overall, find the movie, get silly, and appreciate the morbid humor. You shouldn't regret it.
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Jeremy Bristol18 June 2001
I bought this film at Blockbuster for $3.00, because it sounded interesting (a bit Ranma-esque, with the idea of someone dragging around a skeleton), because there was a cute girl in a mini-skirt on the back, and because there was a Restricted Viewing sticker on it. I thought it was going to be a sweet or at least sincere coming of age story with a weird indie edge. I was 100% wrong.

Having watched it, I have to wonder how it got the restricted sticker, since there is hardly any foul language, little violence, and the closest thing to nudity (Honestly! I don't usually go around hoping for it!) is when the girl is in her nightgown and you see her panties (you see her panties a lot in this movie, because no matter what, she's wearing a miniskirt of some sort). Even the anti-religious humor is tame (and lame, caricatured, insincere, derivative, unoriginal, and worst of all not funny in the slightest--it would be better just to listen to Ray Stevens' "Would Jesus Wear a Rolex on His Television Show"). This would barely qualify as PG-13 (it is Not Rated), but Blockbuster refuses to let anyone under the age of 17 rent this--as if it was pornographic. Any little kid could go in there and rent the edited version of Requiem for a Dream, but they insist that Zack and Reba is worse.

It is, but not in that way.

In a way, this worries me--the only thing left that could offend people is the idea of the suicide at the beginning. If anybody needs to see movies with honestly portrayed suicides (not this one, but better ones like The Virgin Suicides), it's teenagers. If both of those movies were rated R purely because of the suicide aspect, then I have little chance of turning a story I've been writing into a PG-13 movie (the main characters are eleven and a half and twelve). Suicide is one of the top three leading causes of death in teenagers (I think it's number 2), so chances are that most teens have been or will be affected by it.

Just say no to this movie, though. 2/10.
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Brittany Murphy's First Starring Role; Plus Debbie Reynolds in a different type of role too!
jeancothern25 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I am a huge Brittany Murphy Fan. I am wanting to own everything she ever did on DVD. Found a sealed DVD of this on Ebay for $7 bucks free shipping and it's supposedly rare. Brittany is adorable in this film as Reba, who's big secret is her fiancé killed himself after she breaks off their impending marriage, but hearing Debbie Reynolds curse was something I never thought I'd ever see! Debbie's role as Beaulah, Zac's Grandma, is a scene stealer! Sean Patrick Flannery is sweet in the role of Zach, who's wife is deceased and he carries her skeleton around wherever he goes is really quirky! Michael Jeter is the town's drunk grave digger as well as grave robber is hilarious! The scene in the Tent Revival is crazy! The film does make fun of death, funerals and religion , so if you're touchy about those subjects, you might not look elsewhere. A funny, quirky film. Kathy Najimy is great as Reba's bible thumping mom.....
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