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What happened to this show???
mandms218 June 2001
Figure It Out was one of my personal favorite shows a couple years back. I didn't miss a single episode when I came home from school. But around two years ago and as of now, the show hasn't been on Nick anymore. I have no idea if it really was taken off. "SOME" of the kids' talents the show put on were dull and not exciting. Maybe the show couldn't find many gifted kids with GREAT and EXCITING talents???
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funny funny
ShadyRenegade812 August 2004
i love this show. it is just mad funny. the little secret slime actions they have are so stupid that they are funny and the main reason for watching. the panelists that are the best are danny, lori beth, keanan, kel, and kevin.

personally i don't know WHAT nick was thinking when they took off all the good shows(all that 1995-1998, rockos modern life, old rugrats, doug, keanan and kel ETC). i know other people probably feel the same. but i got comcast and get the channels with figure it out and doug and rocko and junk.

i think they should put the old nick back on air because the shows were funnier. but now all that have bad actors and jamie lynn is on there cos her sister is a singer...there is not much talent.
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Fun game show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh16 July 2006
I used to watch this show when I was growing up. First off, I must say that it was a fun game show. Also, I don't think I've seen every episode. However, if you ask me, it was still a good show. I don't remember the theme song at all, though. Even so, it was fun to play along and watch. I hope some network brings it back so I can play along and watch again. If that happens, I will be really happy. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I haven't seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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2012 figure it out
critterdhs0511 July 2012
This is pretty much the same as the old one. The problem is many people who used to be on where way to old to be in it anymore.

Alright so whats new?

contest has a chance to get slim just as well as the pannel. The way the contest gets slim is a special word.

Panel will more than likely get slim all the time in 2nd round. so its pretty much the same as the old show.

Gifts to people of panel that gets slim audience members gets a jacket of figure out or some pack back its a crappy gift compare to what the contest gets. It could be so much better if they just slim Jeff supton already. Or change the host once in awhile and get Jeff to be part of the Panel for laughs.
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OBL_spanishchik7212 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
well even thought i'm not in the USA, i love watching "figure it out" and i wonder why is not on air anymore.. seriously its a great show and i would love to see it in real time and not repeated shows like i'm doing now. by the way Danny rocks! they should consider to put the show back on TV.. seriously i would love it! it's a great show and i must ask why did they take it off the programs? you should consider putting it back or maybe even do it international! that would be really cool! so people around the world can show their talents but without taking the way the show is already. Mexico and other countries that watch nickelodeon are very upset because a show as good as "figure it out" do not exist anymore. "figure it out is even better than "Guts"... really!
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My favorite Nickelodeon game show of all time!!!
indigochronicles1511 November 2006
I loved "Figure It Out". I just found out that it comes on the Games And Sports Network, so I'm watching it again, even though the show ended seven years ago. Lori Beth was my favorite panelist, but I also liked Danny Tamberelli, Amanda Bynes, Kevin Kopelow, Erin J. Dean, Josh Server, Michelle Trachtenberg, Christy Knowings, Kareem Blackwell, Boris Cabrera, Jenna Leigh Green, Tara Lipinski, Kenan Thompson, and Kel Mitchell. I loved the episode where Lori Beth was the host for the first half, and Summer was a panelist. While the others were pretty smart (when they wanted to be), Lori Beth and Erin were pretty much the brains on the panel. I remember several episodes when Lori Beth filled in Billy the Answer Head all by herself. And once she left the show in '99, Erin J. Dean took over the role.

Love the show to this day! I wish new episodes still came on, even though there aren't that many live-action shows on Nickelodeon anymore...
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Figure it out again...
Dale S.9 August 1999
Many kids around the world come to this show and show off their talents, inventions, etc. Although it is full of laughs and entertainment I feel that it is a childish show and should add details to it so most age groups can enjoy it. Some of the kids make the show dull because their talents, inventions, etc are not amazing and I feel that sometimes anyone can do them and they are wasting the shows time
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It would have been better if it weren't for Summer Sanders
Willow1925 January 2002
This used to be a rather enjoyable show until I hit around 7th grade. I think maybe the reason for it's downfall was when it started doing Family Figure It Out. It was only good when they had good panelists though. My favorites were Adam Busch and Michelle Trachtenberg. Lori Beth was on there every single episode and then Danny started. I didn't like them too much. Summer Sanders should stick to swimming. She's too perky, fake, and obnoxious. I got to actually be one of the live studio audience members in 6th grade. It was great. But what is with them giving extremely oversized Figure It Out shirts to really small children?
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Kewl Show!!!!!!
Kelley-1019 April 1999
Who's the funniest? The Slime King? The red haired Mr. Funny dude? Danny Tamberelli, that's who. We all probably think of him as a nut or as a weirdo, but I think of him as an actor trying to make something of his career. What would Figure It Out be like without Danny? I can answer that. Dull & Boring. That's right. Danny is our laugh of the show. By the way, PLEASE replace Lori Beth!! Kenan would do good in her part.
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