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Season 1

15 Jan. 1998
After the suspicious death of her mentor, Dr. Ann Coulter, bio-anthropologist Dr. Sloan Parker continues their study of a serial killer's DNA and, together with Dr. Ed Tate, discovers a new humanoid species that could replace humans.
22 Jan. 1998
Sloan is determined to find out more about the new species by locating some of its members.
29 Jan. 1998
Sloan and her friends continue their hunt for the superhuman serial killer.
5 Feb. 1998
Sloan, Ed and their link to the new species, Tom Daniels, explore its origins.
19 Feb. 1998
Dr. Walter Attwood discovers the new species' artifact which Sloan and her friends want to analyze for clues.
5 Mar. 1998
Tom investigates a terrorist attack committed by the members of the new species which was organized by someone he once knew.
12 Mar. 1998
Attwood's boss' plan to use people as bait puts Sloan and Tom in danger.
19 Mar. 1998
Sloan and Tom go on the run, but Tom is captured and reprogrammed to kill.
11 Jun. 1998
Sloan and her friends investigate the spread of a mysterious illness in an elementary school. Tom becomes a mentor.
18 Jun. 1998
Sloan realizes that the superhumans or 'the Dominants' might have the cure she needs.
25 Jun. 1998
Sloan is targeted by a Dominant who seeks revenge.
2 Jul. 1998
Sloan suspects that the case of extremely violent kids is tied to the Dominants.
9 Jul. 1998
Deliverance: Part 1
Ed believes he has found 'the cure' which can turn the Dominants into normal humans.

 Season 1 

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