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Scott Foley: Noel Crane



  • Felicity : Yes, I will check, and then I will know, and then I will tell you.

    Noel : Okay, just for the record, you've never been weirder.

  • Noel : Hey! Hey! You still haven't seen Felicity have you?

    Elena : What the hell are you on?

    Noel : On? What am I on? My God, you look so small just sitting there.

    Elena : And you're sweating.

    Noel : [Rapidly]  Of course I'm sweating, you'd be sweating too, if you were me because then you'd be me, and you'd be sweating. Is it cold in here?

    Elena : No.

  • Meghan : What's your problem?

    Noel : Wow. Well, um... I don't know where to begin.

    Meghan : Hey, if you're actually gonna answer that question, could you not?

  • Noel : And your hair's not so bad.

    Felicity : Liar, you hate it.

  • Felicity : You know that stuff will kill you.

    Noel : Something will. Might as well be cheese spray.

  • Noel : [to Felicity]  Don't hook up with Ben while I'm gone...

  • Elena : Noel, you're giving me a speech.

    Noel : Well, it's a speech moment, you know?

  • Noel : I gave blood last month, and I had zero contact with anybody, and I have a card. So that means, medically, that I am safe sex material.

    Felicity : Wow. Okay, so, uh...

    [Takes out her day planner and flips through it] 

    Felicity : So, uh, when do you want to do this?

    Noel : Um, now?

    Felicity : I don't want to rush it.

    Noel : No, no, okay. Um, how about tonight?

    Felicity : [Looking at planner]  Uh, lecture.

    Noel : Okay, tomorrow.

    Felicity : I got lab tomorrow.

    Noel : Right. How about Wednesday? I'm wide open Wednesday!

    Felicity : I'm working at Dean and Deluca.

    Noel : Isn't, uh, isn't there someone who can cover for you?

    Felicity : Yeah, yeah, I'm sure I can. Okay.

    [Starts writing in the planner] 

    Felicity : "Noel... sex." Is eight o'clock okay?

    Noel : For sex? Eight o'clock? Eight o'clock is good.

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