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16 Jan. 2000
Great Expectations
Felicity's father accepts a position in town, and his never-ending presence begins to grate, Ben reconsiders his decision about Felicity, and Julie begins to doubt the intentions of Erik.
23 Jan. 2000
Help for the Lovelorn
This episode, a tribute to The Twilight Zone, follows Felicity as she tries to heal her broken heart and strange doings at The Clinic.
6 Feb. 2000
The Slump
Ben and Felicity are forced into counseling for their prank at the pool, Elena gets a new lab partner, and Noel's argument with Ruby is more serious than he thought.
13 Feb. 2000
Truth or Consequences
Felicity and Ben begin a community service assignment.
20 Feb. 2000
True Colors
A panicked Noel distances himself from Ruby.
27 Feb. 2000
Things Change
Greg is in a bind when a doctor leaves the clinic.
5 Apr. 2000
Julie has difficulty sleeping because of nightmares about Zach.
12 Apr. 2000
Docuventary II
Sean resumes his documentary film project.
19 Apr. 2000
Party Lines
Sean follows Ben and Felicity with his camera and pesters them.
26 Apr. 2000
Running Mates
Ben catches Andre defacing Felicity's campaign posters.
3 May 2000
Ben Was Here
Ben waits outside the cabin until he can talk to Felicity alone.
10 May 2000
The Aretha Theory
Greg dumps Felicity because she's still hung up on Ben.
17 May 2000
Final Answer
Felicity and Ben try to avoid one another until the end of finals.
24 May 2000
The Biggest Deal There Is
Felicity turns down the internship so she can spend the summer with Ben.
4 Oct. 2000
The Christening
Felicity falls in love with an apartment.
11 Oct. 2000
The Anti-Natalie Intervention
After learning of Noel's marriage, Richard organizes an intervention.
18 Oct. 2000
Hello, I Must Be Going
Ben's mother tells him that his father has been missing for several days.
25 Oct. 2000
Greeks and Geeks
Felicity lies to Mrs. Emrick about Julie's whereabouts.
1 Nov. 2000
Felicity tries desperately to track down Randy.
8 Nov. 2000
One Ball, Two Strikes
Felicity asks Randy to talk to Ben.
15 Nov. 2000
Kissing Mr. Covington
Mr. Covington returns to town with the hopes of reconciling with his son.
22 Nov. 2000
A Good Egg
Javier and Samuel decide to become parents.
29 Nov. 2000
James and the Giant Piece
Ben encourages Molly to break up with James.
6 Dec. 2000
Final Touches
Molly apologizes to Felicity and Ben.
13 Dec. 2000
And to All a Good Night
James persistently tries to call Molly, who has broken up with him.

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