Hideous Kinky (1998) Poster


Kate Winslet: Julia



  • Lucy : Mom, is it Christmas yet?

    Julia : No, darling. Not till morning.

    Lucy : Is it morning yet?

  • Julia : Every week a new set of men, have you noticed?

    Bea : Prostitutes

    Julia : Do you think so? Where did you learn that!

  • Julia : What's this? Paper hats, how useful!

  • Julia : So, how was your first day at school?

    Bea : Well, a little girl wet herself.

    Julia : [laughs]  And?

    Bea : The teacher took her to the front of the class


    Bea : and beat her


    Bea : and beat her with a cane


    Bea : until she stopped crying and than she beat her some more


    Bea : and than the cane broke.

    Julia : My God, you can't go back there.

    Bea : Why not, of course I can.

    [walks away, stops and turns around] 

    Bea : Only joking!

  • Lucy : Mom, when can we have rice pudding again?

    Julia : As soon as the check comes from your father.

    Bea : Sure, father Christmas!

  • Julia : London's cold, cold and sad. No camel, no Abdul's a jelliybean.

    Bea : No scorpions.

  • Lucy : [as she interupts Bilal and Julia's love making]  Are you pleased to see me?

    Julia : [gasps]  Hello darling, where did you spring from?

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