Judas Kiss (1998) Poster


Emma Thompson: FBI Agent Sadie Hawkins


  • Sadie Hawkins : So fill me in.

    Dave Friedman : That remark could be misconstrued as sexual harassment, Agent Hawkins.

    Sadie Hawkins : [tongue-in-cheek ]  Let's get it out of the way then: you've never worked under a female superior before. I got to where I am by pushing paper and playing nice - I've never actually fired a gun before, I'm only in this job to prove to my father I'm not a coward. I give decent head, so I got promoted before other worthy candidates, all of them men and all of them equally gifted at fellatio but there was a gender quota to fill. I'm also stupid and idealistic; you are hardened, cynical, and usually right. I'm secretly in love with you but I have a hard time showing it. Did I skip anything?

    Dave Friedman : You're a better driver than me and I'm too proud to admit it.

    Sadie Hawkins : [snaps her fingers]  You're right... You like to be on top?

    Dave Friedman : Half the time.

    Sadie Hawkins : Wanna have sex later?

    Dave Friedman : Sure. I'll check with my ex-wife.

    Sadie Hawkins : I'll check with my ex-husband.

  • Dave Friedman : Well, fuck me sideways.

    Sadie Hawkins : what, here?

  • Sadie Hawkins : Kidnappers always screw up. It's part of their make-up as a species.

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