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MPAA Rated PG for mild thematic material and language

Sex & Nudity

  • On their way to El Dorado, Tulio and Miguel come across a spring and you see clothes thrown off and the back of their butts are briefly seen as they run into the water and then they chase after monkeys and their butts are shown again as they come out.
  • The men agree that since they're supposed to be gods and not give in to temptation, that they'll stay away from Chel, to whom they're both obviously attracted.
  • Tulio decides to "give into his temptations" and accepts Chel's offer, leading into mild foreplay in the form of rubbing Chel's shoulders, (to Tulio's pleasure). They are later seen pulling away from each other at the sound of someone coming. Their clothes are ruffled and their hair is messed up. Tulio's expression is quite dazed.
  • A lady can be seen wearing very little clothing throughout the film. Her legs and midriff are exposed, as well as a small amount of her cleavage is visible.
  • Tulio and Chel discuss their future as a couple after they sail to Spain with all the gold tribute. After agreeing they will just go solely together (excluding Miguel in verbal reference "forget Miguel"), the two kiss passionately. The screen spins away from them showing Miguel watching in anger as he heard the conversation. Their horse companion Altivo trots into the doorway and instantly drops his jaw in dumbfounded disbelief at seeing what Tulio and Chel are doing together (off-screen).

Violence & Gore

  • Miguel in one scene gets a wound on his head. Blood briefly sprays when he gets it, and later on a trickle of blood comes from it.
  • A invisible person is run over by the bull
  • Tzekel-Kan slices his own hand with a knife and smears blood on a stone wall (his wound miraculously heals instantly).
  • Leeches are briefly seen stuck to Tulio's bare back.


  • In one seen, Tulio almost says f*** but he is interrupted.
  • The infamous phrase "holy sh*t" is replaced by "holy ship" to remain on the topic about boats.
  • 2 uses of "hell" spoken by Tulio, 1 use of "crap" also spoken by Tulio, and 1 use of "Oh my God" (spoken by Miguel and Tulio during the musical number "It's Tough to be a God").

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • During a musical number, Miguel and Tulio are briefly seen with cigars.
  • Miguel and Tulio drink during a musical number.
  • The Chief is seen with a cigar in one scene.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Tzekel-Kan pushes a man into a supernatural stew he's brewing which then gives the high priest supernatural powers (and presumably kills the man although that is never verified). As a result, he causes a gargantuan stone jaguar statue to come to life and chase after Tulio and Miguel in a several minute sequence that might be rather riveting, unsettling or scary to younger kids. During it, the villagers flee from the creature, it steps down onto one man (although he yells that he is ok) and chases the men into a lava flow where they're nearly tipped into the magma that the creature eventually sinks into. It suddenly leaps out, however, and chases them to the edge of a precipice above a swirling whirlpool. Moments later, it and Tzekel-Kan fall into the whirlpool as the precipice breaks away, leaving Tulio and Miguel hanging from vines.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • The swords that nearly stabs the guard look like testacles
  • He says wincing while sword fighting which is a sexual term on urban dictionary

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