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Cafe culture and ethnic stereotypes in abundance
mighty_red10 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This film was largely produced at the culmination of the brief phase (90's) Australia went through with 'ethnic humor' - as in stand up, sitcoms and sketches which largely made light of our country's ethnic diversity. I can't say that I love this film but what makes this film pleasing to viewers is to see the evolution of the setting of Rundle street in Adelaide. If you live in Adelaide or have been to Rundle street, try and get a copy of this film and see how things have changed. One of the final scenes is in the Austral Hotel (you have to do a shot if someone yells out "That's the Austral!"). Really the film is intended to be a comedy despite the romantic sub plot, so one shouldn't go into this film with their 'serious glasses' on. It makes fun of all cultures in Adelaide, alpha males and boxing. You know what?.. on reflection - just watch it! It will bring back memories at the least.
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Spankin' good fun
Sooty-321 June 1999
I live in adelaide, I have been to rundle street many times. I have a lot of Italian friends myself, spank is a good good aussie flick. I am of a few out of my friends like australian films... Pity, there are too many of excellent ones out there.

Spank is a good, fun comedy about some italian young'uns that are trying to start up their own cafe in one of the busiest streets in Adelaide.

I can't really say much besides it being good with location of filming, acting, humor and the stereotyping of italians is just right.

Go see it, 10/10
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