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8 Jan. 2005
Mr. Bad Example
Len becomes involved with a murder trial because the defendant's previous husband died under circumstances Len ruled a suicide. While his custody hearing is being adjudicated, he becomes romantically involved with the prosecuting attorney.
15 Jan. 2005
Learning Curve
Ray responds to a call of a girl missing from her house, and under Ali's tutelage he uncovers a vital clue. Len and Sam connect the murder of a man to a long-ago World Cup match.
19 Feb. 2005
After getting himself arrested while on a camp-out in the United States, Harper goes undercover to smoke out marijuana traffickers and in his discussions with the squad soon realises that minor dealers have been dying mysteriously. His objectivity is seriously challenged when he finds himself falling for Lila, the innocent sister of one of the main suspects.
2 Apr. 2005
C'mon I Tip Waitresses
After a taxi driver reports a passenger who seriously gave him the creeps with his misogynistic views on women, Ali decides to look into it, and the trail leads her to Ian Summerhill, a dentist who had dated the first missing woman and had been dating the woman found a couple of days after the cabbie came in. Sam tries to investigate Summerhill's dark side and heads back to her old work place, where girls entertain men for money. Ali's relationship with Paul is threatened when Ian shares some stories of Paul's mis-spent youth with her, and she wonders how accurate ...
26 Feb. 2005
The Filth: Part 1
While taking his daughter to school, Harper discovers a young girl's body in a box near her school. While he and Ali look into the case, Ali gets creepy cards from "a secret admirer." Sam investigates an abused woman's claims that her husband killed his previous wife in 1999.
5 Mar. 2005
And the Fury: Part 2
Harper searches desperately for his missing daughter Kassia, praying that he will find her before it is too late. Sam has the perfect suspect, a well-known surgeon, but the only witness against him - his wife - is very unstable. Ray's dark side shows itself in dealing with the suspects. Ali makes the choice that will change her life forever.

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