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disappointment and disapproval
emimv26 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
i remained very surprised when i saw Fantaghiro' s ending.

i feel betrayed.. all the magic was killed.. all the hope was killed

Fantaghiro was about this unique great unbreakable love.. and the makers of the movie killed it.. all Fantaghiro does is to fight for her loved ones and the greatest power in her is the power of love for Romualdo.... "voi siete guidata da amore e non da odio"

it's true that she belongs in a peaceful land.. but in a peaceful land that she and her Romualdo protects from evil... there is no Fantaghiro without Romualdo.. there is no more great love...

i wish i wouldn't have seen this last part... i wish it wouldn't have been created...

a story has magic, has great unseen love, has the power of good and righteousness always victorious. but here they only killed the bad ugly guy but love did not win.. love was killed..

in a land without evil there is no good!!!!!!!!!!! there are only plain lost souls.. a land that doesn't have the power of choice is a land of lost souls... this is god's greatest gift of life: we have the choice and we just have to learn what's the right one...
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if you hadn't see it you're lucky so stay that way
me_sterya7 March 2010
I saw it when I was a child and fortunately I'm starting to forget it so I'm close to pretending that it never existed. I always loved Romualdo, my brother liked Tarabas and I respect his choice because Tarabas is indeed an interesting and captivating character but the other guy... well not so bad but he is far far far from the charm of the other two characters.

I think i agree with another comment from here: maybe we should see the fifth part as another story from another dimension in which Fantaghiro never met the two above, never fell in love and marry. I understand that it was meant to be another sequel so maybe they would have fixed it, or try to anyway but the fifth part had so low ratings (what a surprise) that it killed all future ideas of a sixth movie.

So if there is still time - don't watch it, if you can - forget it, if not take it as a separate story with no connection with the other parts
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A terrible end of the perfect beginning
beatrix_buffy21 January 2007
I must say that I have always liked this film.Fortunately I have not seen the fifth part of it,unfortunately I did a few days ago.I have never been disappointed like that before.....Awful.......Terrible....A stupid,uninteresting plot and a terrible,unexpected ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!Terrible choice of actors(with the exception of Alessandra Martines)!!!!

I would like everyone to see the 5th part and to comment on it,for me not to be single in my point of view.I am sure that everyone,who has already seen the first 4 parts and will see the last one,comparing it with the others,and having the intention to comment on it,will fully agree with my comment and write something of the same kind!!!!!!!!
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A sad conclusion to a series
PlanecrazyIkarus5 May 2002
The absolute low point in the Fantaghiro series. Fantaghiro ends up in a weird parallel dimension fairy land full of children. I barely recall the plot (there wasn't much of one anyway) but I do recall that this provided the ultimate sin for kid's stories: A non-happy end. Haven't they learned from failures like "Pocahontas"?

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The bad end
Nail250624 April 2010
I have looked this serial. I liked this film, but I did not like that that Fantaghiro remained in this kingdom. It it is possible to regard as treachery of love to Romual'do treachery to the people and kingdom. I would would like that there was 6 part where Fantaghiro will return to the world. Of what the author thought when scripted to the fifth part. I can not understand yet why if Romual'do the protagonist that it so appeared a little, In 3 parts in general its statue has replaced. Probably therefore he has refused to act in film further, I would put to all parts on 10 points but the end of a film has disappointed me. I am sorry that have looked 5 part.
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Disappointing End Warning: Spoilers
I saw all the episodes of Fantaghiro and i have to say that i liked it very much. Except the last two episodes, where the plot was at least insufficient and the end was one of the worst i have ever seen in movies. Fantaghiro is a fantastic fairytale and the love between Fantaghiro and Romualdo is in all episodes the basic theme. In Fantaghiro V this epic love is destroyed and the whole story gets a disappointing ending. It would be better to end this story after the fourth part. This good movie did not deserve an end like this. All in one i would say that the last two episodes of the Fantaghiro series are not comparable to the rest of the episodes.
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Unexpected but not terrible!
Crystal_8225 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I must say this, all the fans of the Fantaghiro series, that have grown with her beautiful role in their hearts as children , may say that the fifth part of the series could be disappointing because of the unexpected events and missing characters... But for the first time now, after seeing the whole five movies again after more than ten years, I am aware that all the movies are as far from perfect as they could be.. For instance I can say that the fourth part is also missing one of the main characters "prince Romualdo" even if he is spoken of throughout the whole movie, he's not there and even the final scenes have been cut of from the first movie.. So (even though I'm not much fond of Romualdo, I have always voted for Nicholas Rogers and hoped he will win Fantaghiro in the end but he didn't), even if the fifth part of the movie has an uncommon plot (if compared to the rest of the movies), Fantaghiro going to another world because summoned by a bunch of kids who need someone to protect them, and fighting the Nameless that tries to conquer all the worlds in all dimensions so he could eat small children to became human, I find it interesting. Even if the plot does't have anything to share with the other movies, if you think of the movie as a separate story, it could become more interesting. Luca Venantini for example, who plays the role of Aries is quite attractive and he had a very nice part, a well trained swordsman, kinda like the captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean if I should point a similarity. Always ready to take a chance and willing to help even if he says he won't. I liked the thought of Fantaghiro falling in love with him (although I was still disappointed she never ever considered Tarabas...). My opinion of the movie in the end was... when I was a kid, fantastic, and now, maybe I could give it an 8 out of 10. In the end I am and I will always be a fan of Fantaghiro. And I would gladly see a remake of the movies if someone ever comes to the idea of making one.
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