The Insider (1999) Poster


Gina Gershon: Helen Caperelli



  • Mike Wallace : [after watching a preview of the "60 Minutes" Wigand interview that has been edited]  Where's the rest? Where the hell's the rest?

    [we see Don Hewitt and Helen Caperelli coming out of a room to see Mike shouting at Kluster in disbelief] 

    Mike Wallace : [to Eric Kluster]  You cut it! You cut the guts out of what I said!

    Eric Kluster : It was a time consideration, Mike.

    Mike Wallace : Time? BULLSHIT! You corporate LACKEY! Who told you your incompetent little fingers had the requisite skills to edit me! I'm trying to band-aid a situation here, and you're too dim to...

    [Mike is suddenly interrupted by Helen Caperelli, who walks up to him and Kluster] 

    Helen Caperelli : Mike... Mike... Mike...

    Mike Wallace : [to Helen Caperelli]  Mike? "Mike." Try "Mr. Wallace". We work in the same corporation doesn't mean we work in the same profession. What are you going to do now? You're gonna finesse me, lawyer me some more? I've been in this profession 50 FUCKING YEARS! You, and the people you work for, are destroying the most-respected, the highest-rated, the most-profitable show on this network!

  • Helen Caperelli : [Referring to CBS News]  Our standards have to be higher than anyone else because we are the standard of everyone else.

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