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True heroes,but a mediocre movie.
dbdumonteil27 September 2018
Based on the true story written by lieutenant commander Jean Lherminier (portrayed by Jean Vilar in the film) ,the director was not really up to the task.Sometimes close to documentary ,the film suffers from a weak script, including a conventional love affair subplot;except for Jean Vilar and Gérard Landry ,acting is third-rate .The best moments are to be found in the submarine,where one can feel camaraderie.Some people laughed at the presence of the dog but dogs were actually used in submarines,to detect carbon dioxyde and noxious gas.People gathering for the uprising, coming from every part of the island to the tune of Anna Marly's famous "Chant Du Partisan' is also enthusing .

Although suffering from thrombosis , Lherminier refused to be hospitalized before his misssion was completed ,and had both legs amputated;his sister Jeanne was also a heroine, a resistant fighter who was sent to a concentration camp ,but fortunately survived.
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