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Season 2

9 Oct. 1998
All Aboard
After thinking she's the new cruise director, Camille is disappointed to learn that she must share the job with Nicole Jordan. She doesn't like the new girl but John is infatuated. Jim, thinking that an annoying female passenger is the cruise line inspector, waits on her trying to impress her. A guy uses his wife's baby to meet woman on board;
30 Oct. 1998
Kennedy informs the crew that exec from the Cruise Line is joining them to inspect them. The man is Merrill Stubing, a former Captain and is accompanied by some former crew members, Dr. Adam Bricker, Cruise Director Julie McCoy and bartender Isaac Washington. They interact with their counterparts. And Stubing's daughter Vicki also joins the cruise and she brought her boyfriend with her. But she tells Julie she's having doubts about him because he's not as perfect as Julie's guy.
13 Nov. 1998
Bermuda Triangle Episode
When the ship veers into the Bermuda Triangle some strange things happen. Like Danny can read minds. Will turns into three persons. Paolo finds himself doing amazing tricks. Nicole finds the Doc irresistible. A Navy pilot who served in World War II with the Captain's father is pulled out of the water and connects with Camille. And the Captain speaks to his deceased father.
19 Mar. 1999
Such Sweet Dreams
John begins a romance with a friend from his medical school days, but soon discovers that she has a terminal illness. Camille is surprised to see her estranged father aboard, whom she has not seen for eight years. She tries to stop him scheming to con her friends out of their money.. Will tricks Paolo into spending time with a beautiful but irritating woman that Will knew as a kid. Nicole helps a man plan the perfect marriage proposal, but the engagement ring (hidden in a dessert) is accidentally delivered to Paolo's date.
30 Apr. 1999
Trances of a Lifetime
When a hypnotist is booked for the cruise but insists that the cruise line pay his asking price. Camille convinces him to do one show and he hypnotizes several of the crew. When he learns that the line is not going pay his price he leaves and the crew is still hypnotized, so they act strangely which makes doing their job difficult. And he also hypnotizes a young girl who's mother is a friend of Nicole's to believe that her doll can talk to her because she has a problem which she is not willing to tell anyone.

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