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7 Oct. 1992
Police Dog
Eric moves into his new house but the neighbour keeps handing him as a dog to the police who insist he wears a collar with a name tag in public.
14 Oct. 1992
A local journalist notices how clever Eric the dog is and hopes to get a scoop which could blow his cover. Now Eric and Rachel must find another story for him to use instead.
21 Oct. 1992
Speaking in Barks
Eric studies canine communication in the hope of stopping Mr Flint's dog from bullying him.
28 Oct. 1992
Flying Dog
Eric's mum goes into labour but his dad mixes up his bag, to take to her at the hospital, with one his neighbour is taking on a flight with Eric as a dog asleep inside.
4 Nov. 1992
The Incredible Journey
Eric is thrown off the coach as a dog on his way home from Scotland. Now he has to get home before his parents get back and before the police catch him.
11 Nov. 1992
The Six Million Dollar Dog
An American director wants to use Eric as a dog in a TV series which could be worth millions of dollars.

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