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Season 11

17 Sep. 2007
Pistachio/Full Team Ahead
Barney is snacking on pistachios...and just can't seem to stop! His friends try to help. An unexpected avalanche of pistachios convinces Barney that his friends may be right. BJ is looking to find players for his baseball team. When his baseball-impaired cousin Riff asks to play, BJ is faced with a difficult choice. Barney helps BJ discover the meaning of team sports, friendships, and winning.
18 Sep. 2007
The Magic Words/Litterbot
In her eagerness to play with her friends, Baby Bop forgets to say "please" and "thank you." Barney tells her that these two words can be magic. Baby Bop daydreams she can't say the magic words, no matter how hard she tries! Then Riff invents a robot to clean up the park. When Riff's Litterbot malfunctions, it creates even more trash to clean up.
19 Sep. 2007
Bop 'til You Drop/The Sleepless Sleepover
When Baby Bop becomes a little bossy playing with her friends, Barney teaches her that being bossy isn't a nice way to treat your friends. Melanie has never been on a campout and is feeling nervous. When Barney tells her all about the fun they will have, Melanie decides to give it a try. What could be better than sharing her very first campout with her friends and Barney?
20 Sep. 2007
Little Red Rockin' Hood/The Whole Truth
Baby Bop is having a hard time finding a story she hasn't heard before. Barney and the dinos decide to tell her an old story with a new singing "Little Red Riding Hood!" A talented young artist is painting a portrait of Barney, but when she steps away, BJ takes credit for it. When the others beg him to teach them to paint, BJ admits the truth and learns that honesty is the best policy!
21 Sep. 2007
The Wind and the Sun/The Nature of Things
Baby Bop and BJ argue about whether the wind or the sun is better and then Rachel learns about the importance of keeping the world clean and tidy.
24 Sep. 2007
The New Kid/Grandpa's Visit
Riff befriends a new kid and Ryan's grandfather visits the park to look for a special bird.
25 Sep. 2007
The Big Garden/Listen!
Baby Bop wants Barney, BJ and the kids to play with her instead of working in their garden. Then, Riff hears a mysterious sound in the park and plays detective, trying to solve the mystery.
26 Sep. 2007
Lost and Found/Pot Full of Sunshine
After BJ loses everyone's tickets to the circus, he sets out to find them and learns a valuable lesson about responsibility. Baby Bop discovers a lonely little flower struggling to grow in a shady spot. She takes it to a sunny spot, nurtures it, and is thrilled when the flower blooms. When the flower dies on a cold day, Barney and friends help her gain hope for the future.
27 Sep. 2007
Trail Boss Barney/Get Happy!
Three children try to build a pretend farm, but have a hard time working together. Barney takes them to a ranch to show them how all the people there have to work together to keep things running smoothly. Riff invents a Happiness Machine to try to cheer up a sad little girl. But it's her friends, not the machine, that make her happy!
28 Sep. 2007
For the Fun of It/Starlight, Star Bright
BJ wants to learn Terry's fancy basketball moves. He tries hard, but just can't seem to do it! More importantly, he's not even having fun anymore. After some advice from Barney and Terry, BJ has fun while doing his best! On a campout, Baby Bop sees a falling star and wants to return it to the sky. With a little imagination and help from Barney and friends, she replaces the star that fell.
1 Oct. 2007
Big as Barney/No, No, No!
Everyone loves Barney! When Ryan tries to be just like Barney, he has a hard time filling Barney's shoes. Ryan soon learns that he is special when he's just being himself! Baby Bop is having "one of those days!" Every time she turns around, someone is telling her "no!" As her frustration grows, Barney explains that the word "no" can help you avoid making mistakes or getting hurt.
2 Oct. 2007
The Emperor's Contest/Beethoven's Hear!
There's a fishing contest in the park! When Ryan is tempted not to follow the rules, Barney tells "The Emperor's Contest" and Ryan discovers that honesty is the best policy. When Riff meets a friend who can't hear well, Riff wonders if he would still like music. Barney tells everyone about Beethoven, a famous musician who wrote beautiful music even though he couldn't hear it.
4 Oct. 2007
Guess Who?/Sweet Treats
Barney and his friends attend a big Halloween party and go trick-or-treating.
4 Oct. 2007
Best in Show/The Chase
BJ feels left out when the kids have a Dog Show to show off their pets. BJ doesn't have a dog and wishes he did! A friend shares her dog with BJ so he can join in the fun. Barney's friends are having a hard time deciding what to do because everyone wants to do the same thing! Barney's Native American tale, "The Chase", shows them that it's best to think for themselves and not follow the crowd.
5 Oct. 2007
Dream Big/That's What a Mommy Is
After seeing all the Moms playing with their kids in the Park, Baby Bop gets curious: she wonders what makes somebody a Mommy. With Barney's help, she learns about the different ways Moms help their children.
8 Oct. 2007
The Shrinking Blankey/The Awful Tooth
Baby Bop's blankey seems to be getting smaller; she's convinced it's shrinking. But Barney shows her that, actually, Baby Bop is growing. When Riff takes a bite of ice cream, he realizes has a very sore tooth. Afraid of going to the dentist, Barney and his friends put on a show to help Riff see there is nothing to be afraid of - the dentist is his friend.
9 Oct. 2007
The Blame Game/What's Your Name?
Marcos accidentally breaks an art show project that Melanie has made. Afraid that she will be angry, he doesn't say anything, but then feels guilty. Barney helps him see that honesty is the best policy. Meanwhile, Myra, has decided she doesn't like her name. After learning about many names and what they mean, Barney helps Myra see how special her name truly is.
10 Oct. 2007
The Magic Caboose/BJ the Great
Barney takes his friends aboard the Magic Caboose on an imaginary journey to Egypt, Tahiti, and India! BJ wants to be a great magician, but doesn't want to practice. He convinces Baby Bop to help him do a trick and makes her disappear. When BJ thinks Baby Bop is gone forever, he realizes practicing is important.
11 Oct. 2007
Gift of the Dinos/A Visit to Santa
Melanie misses the mailman, so Barney takes her to Santa's workshop at the North Pole to deliver her wish list in person.
12 Oct. 2007
Riff's Musical Zoo/The Princess and the Frog
Riff decides to create a musical zoo when their zoo trip is postponed. Gathering instruments that sound like real animals, Riff gives Barney and his friends a zoo-mazing experience. When Baby Bop hesitates on keeping her promise to watch Ryan's pet frog, Barney tells her the story of "The Frog Prince." And Baby Bop learns about keeping her promises.

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