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Season 8

15 Sep. 2003
A Fountain of Fun
Barney and his friends play a game of "I Spy" in the park while waiting for Mr. Boyd's new fountain to be delivered. A friendly bunny and butterflies that are interested in literature make the time fly! While the fountain isn't quite what everyone expected, a day in the park with Barney is always fun!
16 Sep. 2003
On Again, Off Again
Barney has a super-de-duper time with Baby Bop and the children as they learn about "on" and "off." Silly hats and fancy footwear provide fun from head to toe. While dressing up Baby Bop's teddy bear in pretend-play costumes sparks their imaginations.
17 Sep. 2003
Sharing Is Caring!
Celebrate a day of giving with Barney! A toy drive inspires Barney and his friends to donate their old toys while learning the joy of sharing.
18 Sep. 2003
Here Kitty, Kitty!
Barney is the cat's meow! When Miss Jo, the park's friendly painter, loses her cat Cody, Barney and the children are on the case. While searching, they learn about domestic and exotic cats and how to take care of pets. Thanks to Barney and his friends, the day turns out purr-fectly!
19 Sep. 2003
Once Upon a Fairy Tale
Magic fish, helpful elves, and a wolf! Barney and his friends act out their favorite fairytales to help Mario who is trying to write a story. Inspiration strikes and Mario writes a story teeming with imagination. Happily ever after indeed!
26 Sep. 2003
It's Hot! It's Cold!
Barney's feeling hot and cold! Eating at the 'Just Right Restaurant', Baby Bop finds foods that are too hot, too cold and just right. Things really heat up when Barney turns the playground into a winter/summer wonderland. And then cooling off with a delicious ice cream - Tee-rific!
3 Oct. 2003
A Perfectly Purple Day
When Sarah accidentally spills red paint into blue paint, Barney and his friends enjoy a perfectly purple day,
10 Oct. 2003
Day and Night
Barney and his friends have fun day and night! Everyone is enjoying a sunny day in the park, but Beth is tired from staying up late at a sleepover. Barney turns day into night so his friends can have their own slumber party. The children discover that nighttime has special sights and sounds all its own.
17 Oct. 2003
Play Piano with Me!
Barney and his friends tickle the ivories when a mysterious piano arrives in the caboose. With help from Mr. Boyd and Bingo the dog, they find the real key to exciting day of fun and musical discovery with friends!
24 Oct. 2003
A Picture of Friendship
After a brief misunderstanding, BJ realizes that he does have many special friends. The kids present him with a surprise they made especially for him to show they really care. All ends well and they end the day together having lots of fun playing baseball in the park--and Jackson surprises them all!
17 Feb. 2004
A-Counting We Will Go!
Count on Barney and his friends! While playing a game of Hide and Seek in the park, Baby Bop realizes that she can't be the one to count to ten because she doesn't know how! With a trip to a make-believe market and a magical parade of numbers, Barney and friends show her it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
12 Mar. 2004
A Little Big Day
After a playful session with building blocks, Nick can't help but notice that he's always the littlest of Barney's friends. Barney assures him that he's growing a little bigger, and together they have fun discovering BIG and little things in the world around them. By the end of the day the kids have learned that BIG or little, they are all wonderful just the way they are!
5 May 2004
A World of Friends
The kids are excited about an International Fair being held in the park. Before the fair opens, they have fun touring the world with Barney who manages to surprise them in some fashion at each stop. After making their way around the world, Barney and his friends prove that kids aren't really so different no matter where they live!
6 May 2004
Who's Your Neighbor?
Meet your neighbors! Barney and his friends have a fun, safe day playing together. Creating their neighborhood out of block buildings and figures, the children learn about their community and the people that help them live safely and happily there.
7 May 2004
Squares, Squares Everywhere!
So many squares here and there! Barney and his friends have fun helping Nick with his homework - finding 'squares' in his daily life. Searching for hidden squares-from a boot kickin', banjo strumming square dance to a surprising 'square' meal - leaves Nick's homework in good shape.
10 May 2004
Let's Go for a Ride!
Go for a ride with Barney! From toy cars to imaginary cars, to making their own bus out of large boxes, Barney and his friends drive home the fun!
11 May 2004
That Makes Me Mad!
Everyone seems to be mad today. Encouraging his friends to find good ways to express and deal with their angry moments, Barney helps everyone calm down. Barney's friends soon realize that even though they may get mad with each other, they can still be good friends!
12 May 2004
It's Your Birthday, Barney!
BJ, Baby Bop and the kids plan a surprise party for Barney on his birthday.
13 May 2004
It's Showtime!
Barney and his friends plan to put on a talent show.
14 May 2004
At Home in the Park
Home sweet home! Barney and his friends discover on a tour of the park that many animals make their homes there. From Sally the duck to a hard-to-find owl to a tee-rfiic turtle, there's no place like the park to come home to.

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