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This is a KIDS show
teena2-geo25 June 2004
I have to admit that I do not like Barney. BUT, everyone who has commented, remember that the show is aimed at PRESCHOOLERS, not you! My son is 3 years old and loves it. This show encourages his love of music and singing. It has helped him learn how to use his imagination. The songs and characters might drive me nuts sometimes but I cannot fault a show that encourages imagination. I have to admit as much as the song "I love you" used to drive me nuts, I love the fact that every time my son sings it/hears it, "With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you", he runs over to wherever I am and hugs and kisses me like the song says. It encourages children to care about one another. (To those of you who keep saying it is mind numbing and restricting--WATCH IT WITH A PRESCHOOLER! See what they get out of it). I should say that Sesame Street is still my all-time favorite kids show, but don't knock the show unless you have a pre-schooler and have watched it with them.
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It's a Kids show, It's a Kids show, It's a Kids show, It's a Kids show.........SHUT UP!
Angel_Meiru9 August 2004
Okay, you hippies are probably wondering what I have against an "education" and "informative" show like "Barney"? Well, I have a lot of hate against it for these reasons:

1. It teaches that having a personality and individualism is immoral. No one on the show has a personality. Everyone dresses alike, talks alike, acts alike and dances alike. Even in the episode called "Being an Individual", kids try to tell Barney about what they like and EVERYONE on the planet should do what I like. Do you wanna teach your kid that being an individual is wrong?

2. "A Stranger is a Friend,You Haven't Met" Episode. While seemingly harmless, the show's producers soonfound that it could also be extremely dangerous for young children. In fact, several young Barney-lovers from across the U.S. fell victim to pedophiles, who were using the show's friendly message to lure children away from their parents. The episode has since been pulled, but the damage had been done. So called "Innocent" mistakes in programming, like this one, clearly show why parents need to watch television WITH their children.

3. IF your not happy all the time, you are a bad person. No one seems to show any other emotion but happiness, no matter which situation they are in. If the child's parents get mad or sad for some reason, the child may think of Mommy or Daddy differently. Not a good message at all.

4. Magic solves everything! Seems like every problem is solved by magic. At least in shows like "Fraggle Rock", it teaches us that magic CAN backfire at it is best to solve problems on your own. Does Barney teach this? NO, of course not. There HAS to be magic in there. And the problem is, a lot of two year olds cannot tell fantasy from reality, and might think their parents, siblings or relatives can use magic to solve everything, yet become confused when they CANNOT use magic and think they are weird. Another boner pulled again.

5. Barney makes no distinction between stealing and sharing. He has even specifically said that "stealing is okay if the person you steal from doesn't mind". Kids can learn that if you really want something, stealing is a perfectly acceptable way to get it. This is not something that preschoolers need authority figures to tell them.

6. "If I just have the right thing, I can solve all my problems." Whenever the kids have a problem, Barney gives them whatever they need to solve it. The message being sent here is "Don't try to think to solve this! It's too much work, and the solution probably wouldn't work anyway. Just use this." Because of this, children could stop thinking through things (Barney said it was too much work) and become dependent on the "right" object. (The right shoes, the right food, the right computer, the right exercise machine...) This is obviously a good message for the Barney marketers, but it's not good for preschoolers.

7. The message that cheating is okay. In another episode the children are involved in a contest to carry a peanut on a spoon without dropping it. One child puts peanut butter on his spoon, and easily wins. The child is then rewarded for his creative thinking, when the child in fact bent the rules, and changed the game so that he could win. This teaches that cheating is good, you win and people think that you are creative, when in real life you will often be disqualified, or worse, and severely disliked by other competitors who played by the rules.

8. Do the kids in this show eat anything else besides cakes, cookies and candy? That teaches that it is okay to eat tons of junk food and avoid healthy food, despite Barney's so called "Health Food" song. Other than that, EVERYONE in the show eats junk food. No wonder there are so many obese kids in America and Europe.

And finally....

Most other kids' television shows teach creative problem solving well, without having to resort to "magic". Barney could also have done that but instead decided to use the method that was A) best for the marketers and B) took the least time and money for scripts. It's a blatant sellout that shows just how little the Lyons Group actually cares about children.

That is my rant for you all.
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Great show for a one year old
kreeplx22 March 2011
I really don't see the problem with Barney. I don't see too much underlying political correctness as in other shows for kids. The show doesn't brainwash children with some sort of social agenda and I really think that is why some people hate and go after the show. I don't understand why a dinosaur that sings songs with children about farm animals and candy can initiate so much hate.

As far as the content, it is the only show my 1 year old loves to watch. I tried many and they most of them are geared for a three year old audience. This show is excellent for a one year old. I let her watch one a day and when I put it on, she jumps up and down and says, "yea, yea, yea." I really don't like how the songs stick in my head but you know, it is for the kids. The best one by far is the "Sing and Dance with Barney."
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A Great Show for Kids (whether you like it or not)
trueluvnanarchy31 December 2004
'Barney & Friends' is a good educational show for kids, plain and simple. After reading the reviews on this page, I feel I must respond to some of the comments, many of which were made by folks who obviously jumped on the anti-Barney bandwagon without actually watching the show first.

First, in regard to the common complaint that Barney doesn't teach kids about any feelings other than happiness: Do you think kids today need to be taught about sadness, anger, violence, or fear? Is there not enough of that in their lives already? Kids aren't immune to life and they're lives are more than what they see on a TV show. The 30 minutes of pure unadulterated happiness exhibited by Barney and his friends in most episodes is an appealing contrast to the bleak stress-filled real world many kids are exposed to for the other 23 1/2 hours of the day. So many kids live in poverty or in dysfunctional or abusive families, or both, and they constantly hear about death and destruction radiating out from every corner of the globe. Fortunately, many kids can turn on PBS and see happy optimistic puppets telling them how wonderful life can be; perhaps it evens things out a bit in a child's impressionable mind.

To say Barney only teaches happiness isn't true anyway, there are several episodes that are solely dedicated to dealing with negative feelings like being sad, mad, scared or embarrassed, and how it's okay to feel these emotions. Granted, the children on the show are happy most of the time, but why shouldn't they be? It's a 30 minute kiddie show, should they all dress up in black veils and mope around like a bunch of goths? They are trying to make their audience, children age 2-6 years old, feel happy.

Secondly, to address the notion that Barney does all the work and imagining, thus setting a bad example for kids: This shows you haven't watched the show because Barney is a figment of the children's imaginations, and therefore all of Barney's ideas are their ideas. We see the fantasy from their imagination's perspective.

I thought for sure I'd heard it all when it came to putting down Barney and similar shows, but I was wrong. Now people are insulting kiddie shows for being too imaginative. I keep reading idiotic comments like 'these kids are seeing a big talking purple dinosaur, are they snorting PCP or something?!! That's going to scar them for life!!" Those types of comments might have been slightly humorous 25 years ago, maybe. But now this attitude has become so commonplace that people are seriously holding a show's creativity against it. For instance, a friend of mine who has a 4 year old son refused to let him watch the Teletubbies because it was, and I quote, "bizarre and too Orwellian". (!) Gimme a break. That's almost as silly as another reviewer's claim that Barney disrespects his preschool audience by talking down to them. That's so ridiculous, I'm not even going to respond to it other than to say, that's just silly.

Let 'Barney & Friends' be what it is: a simple sweet children's show that teaches young kids moral lessons while entertaining them with catchy songs and brightly colored dinosaurs. It's silly to expect anything different from a show that caters to such a young demographic. And next time, watch more than two minutes of a show before you submit a review for it. ~Darlene
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My childhood, and many others, ruined.
The_Light_Triton20 September 2009
Barney and friends...the Dora the explorer of the 1990s.

OK, i'll admit it. as a kid, barney was my ultimate hero. i had my barney plush toy and i used to watch the same barney episodes over and over on videotape. maybe cause it was so sugar coated and mind-numbing.

However, by the time i turned 7, i started to hate barney. everyone at school would Dis barney, and i went along with it (mainly because it was funny) and it's what little boys do. but a few years later, I discovered something else about barney that i will never forget.

a person known on the IMDb as Angel_meiru did an Essay for school, explaining the dangers of watching barney, and he or she posted it in the message boards. a lot of those dangers made sense.

Barney is a dinosaur who can magically come to life during a day at school. he is supposedly educational, or so Sheryl Leach (Barney's Creator) says, but really, all i can remember him teaching me, is that magic can solve anything, which is not true.

to end off this comment, I'd like to tell you a little story. There was once a young boy who watched a particular episode of barney. one day, he was alone, when a stranger lured him into his car and drove away with him. i don't know the outcome (but it's safe to assume the child died) but why was he abducted in the first place? because he watched the Barney and friends episode titled "A stranger is a friend you haven't met yet."

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Is there anyone who likes this show???
brownrecluse622 March 2003
"Barney and Friends," the notoriously stupid kids' show about a big cuddly purple dinosaur who makes kids use their imaginations, has been the brunt of so many jokes since it started airing (my favorite spoof of it was Animaniacs' "Baloney & Kids," in which Baloney, the numbskull orange dinosaur, is taunted and has anvils dropped on his head). There are too many things wrong with this show for me to discuss here, so I'll just say my favorite ones:

(1) All the kids look like they are (and they probably are) preteens and teenagers, and this dopey purple idiot is teaching them things like the alphabet, counting, colors, shapes, and everything else every 5-year-old should know. If this were real life, the kids (or, should I say, teens) would throw stuff at Barney and laugh, instead of sitting in awe while he teaches them the difference between indoor and outdoor voices.

(2) I know that using one's imagination is important, but here, Barney needs to tell them to imagine. It's as if they can't imagine so much as a rock without saying, with Barney's instruction, the magic words "Shimberee, shimberah, shimberee, shimbeRAAAAHHHH!"

(3) The show's methods of teaching lessons to the 2-to-5-year-old crowd are really lame. The dialogue is so banal that I can't see how even the cast members believe any of this junk. And the lines are not unintentionally hilarious enough to inspire a chuckle in a cynic like me. Except for one notable exception, the "5 Senses" episode, which contained lines such as the following (all said in amazed tone of voice):

"This rock is smooth...but it's hard!"

(banging on sand) "This sand is hard. (picking it up) But now it feels soft. (rubbing it in hands) But now it feels scratchy!"

(surprised/delighted even beyond usual "Barney" standard) "This chair is hard!!!! But the cushion is soft!!!!!!!!"

So if you want a good educational show for your kids, turn on "Sesame Street" or "Mr. Rogers." They are much better than this baloney.
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I feel ashamed that I loved this so much as a kid...
TheLittleSongbird10 May 2010
When I was a little girl, I loved Barney and Friends and never missed it. Then I never understood why my parents hated it so much. Seeing Barney and Friends again from an 18 year old perspective, I do feel sorry for my parents. My summary may be a little harsh, but I feel ashamed for loving this show. I do think though this is a perfect example of something you grow out of when you get older. Kids might like it, like I did, but now I find it too annoying and childish for my tastes.

First and foremost, the characters are very annoying and obnoxious now. I am not going to compare this to other shows or their characters, but characters like Rosie and Jim, Pingu and Big Bird are lovable characters and their respective shows are classics in my opinion. I may have liked Barney when I was little and I still remember the time when he was one of the attractions at Alton Towers, but now I see him as the annoying purple dinosaur he is, and to me his voice actor(s) sounds like he is high on something. Other than Barney, the most annoying character is Baby Bop. When I was little, I used to think she was adorable and huggable, but now she is probably the only character I consider more annoying than Barney, if that was actually possible. I even find Tutter from Bear in the Big Blue House much more adorable, and funny as well.

The music is incredibly repetitive and simplistic. I appreciate that the writers try to keep it simple, but like with Dora the Explorer they go overboard with the simplicity. The main theme song is merely a variation of Yankee Doodle complete with awful lyrics and out of tune singing, and the I love you, you love me song is the sort of song I have thought in a different light, in a bad way as well since seeing the show.

Then there is truly banal and childish writing, quite possibly the worst asset of the show. The writing alone made my parents wince with contempt because of the complete shallowness and banality of it all. Complete with repetitive story lines, next to no educational value(well to an adult), some of the cheapest effects for any children's show, blatant talking down to the audience and negative lessons such as stealing and cheating being okay. As a kid I loved the production values for their vibrancy and colour, but to an adult they are very tacky and unoriginal. I get the sense that Barney, BJ and Baby Bop are people dressed up in dinosaur suits and the scenery looks as though it is about to fall over any minute.

The voice acting is uninspired, and the kids sometimes act as though they don't know what they are supposed to be doing.

Any redeeming qualities? No not really... wait there's one. Stella the Storyteller. Probably the only character I can tolerate. Even as a young girl, I loved how pretty she was and her maternal attitude. And there you have Barney and Friends. I strongly dislike the show now, I loved it as a child, but now I hate how childish and simplistic it is. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've heard it's worse. Maybe I'll check it out to give it the benefit of the doubt. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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Even when I was hobbit height I loathed it.
Lady-of-Rohan17 March 2005
Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Postman Pat, Oscar the Grouch, the Happy Giant. What do all of these names have in common. They're wonderful memorable childhood TV characters. Why? Because they're classics. And classics are timeless pieces of entertainment that will stay with you forever. They shape your early years, how you learn, what you learn, and even how you act with others. And you know who isn't in that list? Barney the Dinosaur. And why? BECAUSE HE IS THE MOST ANNOYING CHILDREN'S CHARACTER EVER CREATED BY GOD!

Imagine a purple therapod about 9 feet tall with a voice so high it makes dogs howl at a 5-mile radius. Then add a theme song based on "Yankee Doodle" and voilà! you have Barney. The problem with this character is that he is extremely annoying. And I don't mean annoying as in uncomfortable to stand. I mean mentally grating and painful to see and hear. While Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and Grover are down to earth characters that are fuzzy and lovable, Barney is more sugary, yippidy, and "in your face". And let's not forget the infamous "I Love You" song played EVERY TIME the show finishes. It's so deliciously bad, it's "download onto your ipod to torture friends" worthy.

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This is a truly horrible show. Bar none!
philip-47312 December 2008
Barney is just awful. As many of the other reviews on this show say. I'm not one to disagree with them (I won't). Because I hate this show just as much as they do. They use kids that look like they're in sixth grade, cheesy plots, horrid dialog and really crappy special effects. Not to mention that big purple dinosaur himself. He makes every other kid show look like award winners (Sesame Street has won awards, that I know about).

Please, just watch Sesame Street, Thomas the Tank Engine or even the Teletubbies. Avoid both, this and its movie (which I also reviewed). They are both extremely crappy and are inappropriate to anyone (even little babies).
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Loved this show as a kid and now as a parent I love being able to share this show with my daughter who absolutely loves it!
joyaugustyn25 May 2016
After reading so many negative reviews I felt that I needed to write my own review. As a child this show was great! It taught me how to have a very active imagination, it gave me a love for music and dancing and it taught me how to see the good in things and how to keep a positive outlook. I loved the show so much I even named our dog Barney ( the dog we got when I was about 4 and was completely obsessed with the show).

I had totally forgot about Barney for the most part until one day I started singing a song to my daughter that was from the show. So I found a whole bunch of the old episodes and movies that I watched when I was little on YouTube for my daughter to watch. One episode in she was hooked and I remembered every single song and taught her how to sing along with them. One thing I really like about the show is that it encourages kids to get up and move and dance while watching the show. Most little kid shows seem to try to get the kid to just sit still for the whole thing. Yes the music is simplistic, because its for little kids.

One of the reviewers complained about how all of the kids looked and dressed the same. I have to say that's completely wrong. This was a show that had kids from all different nationalities and body types as I am typing this up my daughter has an episode on and in it there is a girl of Asian descent, a Latino girl who is on the chunkier side, a African American boy and only 1 white boy and each of them have their own distinctive style. If you look at plenty of other kid shows there is a lot less diversity. Another reviewer complained about the show only showing junk food, and we just watch an episode where all the snack were either fruits, vegetables, or nuts, not to mention Barney has its own song about eating apples and bananas.

Another reviewer complained about the kids always being happy, which again is not true there are plenty of episodes showing a whole range of emotions, from jealousy, anger, fear and so on. But each one talks about how to handle your feelings, and yes how to have a positive outlook ( which by the way, its been proved that the most successful people are the ones with a positive attitude).

Lastly while it does have some educational qualities its not a crazy amount but TV is not supposed to be educational. TV is for entertainment and if you are relying on TV to educate your kids, you will be failing them, Parents need to take an active part in their kids education and not expect a TV show to do it for them.

Pretty much all kids shows are somewhat annoying but Barney is far less annoying then Kipper or Cailliou, or the Barbie movies ( don't even get me started on them, fighting over glitter, enough said). Also Barney does not push any agenda on the show. There are plenty of shows out there that are pushing their own view points on kids and I am thankful that Barney doesn't. That way my child can approach any issue with no pre-conceived notions and her and I can have an open and honest discussion so that she can make up her own mind on what she believes without feeling like her favorite TV show taught her to believe something else!
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Good intentions... not-so-good execution.
KermitWazowski28 May 2013
I am part of the generation of young children from the mid to late 90s who were mesmerized by that dopey purple dinosaur. I had outgrown Barney by the time I entered first grade, and looking back on it now, I can see why my parents and the critics hated it. Saccharine is an understatement. This show is about as sugarcoated as the frosting on cheap store-bought cupcakes; you can taste the high fructose corn syrup. Not much educational value, either. Just dopey voices and bright colors to keep your toddler quiet for half an hour. However, I think I turned out okay. In fact, I think most of the kids who watched Barney turned out okay. Some of you reviewers are acting as if your child's entire life is going to be shaped by one TV show they watch when they're two/three years old. I hardly even remember most of the "plot lines" (I CERTAINLY don't remember this "strangers are friends you haven't met yet" garbage everyone's talking about... Dang, Barney, get it together!).

The creators of Barney meant well. Who doesn't want to encourage their child to use their imagination? That's why everything looks so unrealistic. That's why it appears as if Barney is doing all the work and solving everything with magic. It's all seen from the kids' perspective, as they're imagining it. The intentions were good, but unfortunately, there isn't much distinction between real and make believe as far as the average three-year-old is concerned, and this respectable premise of imaginative fun was executed in a way that's quite vomit-worthy for anyone over the age of five. If I went into detail, I'd just be repeating what previous reviewers have said. Looking back, I have no idea how my parents didn't go crazy having to listen to Barney and Baby Bop's annoying dopey voices all the time.

However, the one thing I can really commend the creators of Barney on is their use of music, and how they encouraged kids to get involved in music and introduced lots of different instruments. Yes, the "I love you" song was stupid, as was most of the original material they wrote, but they utilized lots of classic children's songs and made them a lot of fun, especially in the Radio City Music Hall show (one of many tapes I wore out as a young'n). I remember pretty distinctly the purple guy's affinity for marching bands and parades, and I guess that must have stuck with me as I played in my high school marching band...

Overall, letting your child watch Barney isn't setting them up for failure. It's a dumb show with little to no educational value, and the purple guy's voice is enough to drive the average parent up a wall, but it's not gonna kill 'em. Hopefully your child's early education isn't limited to television. The "use your imagination" premise of Barney is great, but other programs around that same era that weren't meant to be educational, such as Muppet Babies and Rugrats, conveyed that same message much better.
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What is the purpose?
benz170727 July 2011
My girlfriend has a younger sister who is disabled and who is almost 12 years old. For 12 hours a day barney is playing. Can you imagine how ridiculous that is? Barney honestly is a waste of time. It has no teaching methods.

It really has the magical solution. If a problem needs to be solved it will immediately. In an episode a boy loses a girls music box during a yard sale. So he offers to use his money to get a new one... AN HONEST AND TRUE WAY OF TAKING RESPONSIBILITY. The girl replies that it was a music box she got Switzerland. Barney immediately says that he can take the kid to Switzerland. < So if I break something that was purchased elsewhere in the world, I can go get it? No I would probably take responsibility.

If you think this is appropriate for children, it is to an extent. If you think this is healthy for children 4+ I would move to something more intelligent. The show has constantly been going downhill.

So if someone on here says this is a wrong idea for kids, they are probably right. 12 hours of barney, and you will experience hell.
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Too Much Time On Your Hands
mekubeku3 November 2007
Barney haters have way too much time on their hands in order to be able to sit and write a five page hate letter to the "hippie" parents who let their kids watch Barney - If ya don't like Barney...fine but get a life and focus your anger and hate on something a little more challenging than Barney, it's as though you cannot comprehend anymore than your preschooler. Each parent is individual, stop trying to pass your crap onto others. Teahcing your kids to hate and rant about it was never seen on an episode of will not be rewarded for your creative ways here. Children are unique and forcing children to abide by your way of thinking is harsh, there will be a lot more than Barney that you will not be able to shelter them from once they grow into teenagers...hope you have a lot of rant left in you!
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Barney-Not your average kid show!!!
seananmcgoldrick8 July 2012
You don't want your kids to grow up and steal from people, believe in strangers, think magic is real or think that eating junk food & becoming fat is okay, do you? I don't. That's why I'm writing this review.

He may love you, he may love me, but most people don't love him back.

The annoying purple dinosaur appeared in 1988 to the joyful squeals of children... and the pathetic screams of adults. Don't believe me? Check them out on Yahoo.

There are 19 (and counting) anti-Barney sites, while only 7 pro-Barney sites.

4 reasons why some episodes are bad:

1."A stranger is a friend you haven't met."

Sadly, children actually buy this hoax. According to news, children have been captured by people, who could be killers for all we know, and we can blame Barney for that.

2."Stealing is okay." Barney, what? Are you trying to ENCOURAGE kids to grow up and be criminals? Get locked up in jail like animals at a zoo? Seriously, think before you tell the kids this.

3. The kids in it act like the only edible think in the world is junk food. Seriously, if you want healthy kids, make them eat healthy stuff.

4. It's rated U!!!! Yet it teaches kids the opposite of what is right! This should be BANNED! So please, if you want a great future for our kids then:DON'T SHOW THEM BARNEY!!!!!!!!!!!
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Don't tell me THIS show is still airing!
ianoflccc16 August 2003
I don't get it. I just don't get it. "Barney and Friends" has been lambasted by millions through the years, and I will admit, I was one of those lambasters. Any child who watches this show doesn't realize that what they're watching is just a piece of trash. Barney is very annoying, and very selfish. Add Baby Bop, and it gets even worse. Add B.J., then you have a very creepy television nightmare. Then, you get the children. They're old enough to know what Barney is trying to teach them! What are they doing there in the first place? It would be funny if Barney and his friends appeared on the Jerry Springer show. That would certainly be one of the wildest moments in television history! Even more significant is that this show marked the beginning of the end of public television as we knew it, as we have seen less and less of the more informational and interesting public television programs that aired in the 1970s and the 1980s. What a BIG difference a selfish son of a gun makes. When this show leaves PBS, a big sigh of relief will be felt among millions of people, but a huge dent will have been made in the annals of television history. A message to Barney himself: You may not realize it, but YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.

In a nutshell, there are other choices. Better choices.
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Too Critical
dancermcm10 November 2013
Before I go into this review, let me introduce myself. I was born in April 1999, I'm a freshmen in high school, I have a 4.0 GPA and this recently finished quarter had a 98% average in school. I am a competitive cheerleader as well as a school cheerleader and a dancer. Also, my mother has been an elementary school guidance counselor for 20 years, so for six years before I was born.

I watched Barney and Friends when I was little, and I honestly can't remember much of it other than it was my great grandmother's favorite show to watch out of all the programs I was exposed to.

I do not, however, recall anything people have been complaining about. I don't recall the "Strangers are friends you haven't met yet" or whatever episode. People don't go into this realizing it's a KID'S SHOW. I grew out of it before I was in grade school. I was my mother's first child, so she tried her hardest to not screw me up. So she let me watch Barney? Revisit my brief introductory paragraph. Do I sound screwed up? I think SpongeBob is way worse than Barney, as studies have shown Spongebob shortens children's attention spans and delivers inappropriate themes.

I have never gotten molested or abducted even though I'm extremely naive. Even if I did watch that episode about strangers, my grandmother, mother, babysitter or great grandmother (assuming she could hear the TV because if I was 2, she was 80) probably sat me down and told me they were referring to children of my age, not grown-ups. If a child did get kidnapped because of this supposedly evil message from the show and the parents are blaming it on Barney, they should be blaming themselves for not clarifying and making the topic more coherent.

Another great example: When I was little, my mother would let me watch Sex and the City with her. It's not like I wanted to, I was just kind of there, but I watched it all the same. Any time I would ask her about something on the show, she would tell me and I would find it "gross." I have not repeated anything said, done, or talked about on that show because she explained it to me.

In conclusion, let you're children watch Barney. It's not the worse thing on television, and it does have some good morals for the right audiences (Preschoolers and under).

Thanks for reading.
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How To Make Your Kids Dumb! - Skip It, You,ll Be Glad You Did!!
chrisbluewolves27 June 2009
Barney and Friends is probably the worst kids show that I have ever seen. It teaches kids nothing, the songs are corny, it is not educational and the characters are just plain agitating. I am not one to disagree with those who hate the show. Honestly, I have seen more negative than positive reviews for this show. 75% of the reviews are negative and there are some really mature people. This show contains no educational value or age-appropriate educational material whatsoever. More reasons why I dislike this show is because of the crappy plots, cheesy dialogue, horrid special effects and the abysmal story lines. Besides, it says that you should eat junk food if you are sad and that strangers are your friends. Saying that is a "model of what preschool television should be",as expressed by Yale researchers Dorothy and Jerome Singer, is a load of crap. They don't know what they're talking about. I would never recommend Barney to anyone. Te reason why some kids keep crying for or get addicted to junk is because of this show poisoning the minds of children everywhere. For people(parents/children) who seek real preschool mater, switch over to Nick Jr. and watch "Super Why!" instead. It's far more better than this turd and Five TV once had the nerve to put it on "milkshake" but thankfully took it off. I highly advise everyone to keep far away from this show as possible. Parents, I highly advise you to keep your kids as far away from this show as possible. They'll thank you later.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't Bother Wasting Your Valuable Time With This Stupid Show. It's Utter Garbage. -10000000000000/10. Grade: Z. Avoid Like The Plague!

Thanks for reading.
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barney is a moron
sjkute26 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"I hate you, you hate me, Barney stole your SUV with a great big bunch and a kick from me to you wont you say you hate me too?" "jingle bells batman smells grandma had a gun shot Barney and made him pee and now there is no more barney the moron" Now why the heck would come up with a idiotic show like barney ???????? So what I'm saying is Barney is a retard from the underground world? And the kids on this show are like 12 years old. If i were them i wouldn't believe this stupid idiot called barney.Now producers why do you believe this crap that barney says? They are always happy. That is stupid.they should be sad sometimes. am i right? bottom line barney is so stupid who watches that ugly creature.
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An effective means of teaching learning fundamentals
donato-314 March 1999
Before my daughter was born I'd heard a lot of unpleasant things about Barney and Friends, but now having seen most of the episodes and owning many of the videos, I have to admit that I admire the artistry that goes into Barney. It teaches manners and etiquette, counting, verbal skills, spacial relations, and responsibility. I am also glad for the musical appreciation that it gives my little one. However, I should point out that occasionally I become dismayed when listening to the politically correct versions of the fairy tales and folk lore with which I grew up. Still I and my daughter enjoy the show very much and I find myself wondering what happened to the child actors/actresses in it.
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I just so happen to like barney
minotinpar12 June 2006
yes barney is nonsense now but when i was a kid it made perfect sense.

i haven't gotten any smarter but i enjoyed it. as a child i was mocked because no one could say my name so i changed it. ever since i was 4 I've gone by the name Tina from barney because i could relate to her being from a different culture. i'm 17 now and barney is a huge part of my life . name came from it.... i cant dis the show i grew up with no matter how stupid it seems now.

i don't care if i get blocked i have nothing more to say. they shouldn't make the minimum 10 lines because some people just don't have much to say. OK done
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Dissing Barney Does NOT Make You Cool.
powermandan3 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Barney has gained reception as being one of the worst TV shows ever. The main reason being that everybody is too "cool" or too "mature." "I can't watch Barney because I'm too cool!" You don't understand that it is a kid's show only. You don't remember what it is like being a kid that young. You don't even know what Barney contains!!!

Something I will say is that Barney overstayed his welcome. It was on the air for almost 20 years and got very repetitive and stale the last half of his run. But the older episodes are the good ones. Unlike, say, Sesame Street, Barney's age range is smaller like under the age of 7. Everybody talks in cheesy and juvenile voices. That is because it is a juvenile show! Many kid shows are like that! Barney is no different. "Why doesn't Barney teach things like counting and not dangers of drugs and everything?" Tell me, what kind of 3-year-old is hooked on drugs? Give an example of a toddler that does not need to be taught how to count. because I watched Barney and listened to his lessons, I was way ahead of most students by the time I got into school.

What I really hate is when people say Barney is one dimensional because everybody is too happy all the time and there's no seriousness involved. A: that is 100% false. B: why not have a happy show? Every show for kids tries to be as happy as can be!!!! There's lots of bad things in the world today, so good thing Barney can provide the happy escape that is much needed. I wish I was that innocent and happy all the time! And saying Barney is one dimensional because it is just happiness is plain false. I remember there was almost an entire episode dedicated to Steven losing his favourite stuffed animal. That was depressing! I'll never forget when Chip got all angry when Baby Bop accidentally busted his tower. Here's some proof that you're all wrong. I remember seeing a couple of reviews about the dangers of"A Stranger is A Friend You Haven't Met" episode. THERE IS NO SUCH EPISODE!!!!! He has a song about the dangers of talking to strangers. It's not just that, people say Barney sends the wrong message to kids because they only teach that everything can be solved with magic and imagination and that's not how the real world it. *facepalm* Sure everything is imaginary, but is an allegorical message about what can happen when you put your mind to things. Let your mind and imagination soar and you will be surprised with what can accomplish. Since this is a show for kids, the magic is imaginary friends that help kids.

All you Barney haters are probably struggling to find your next batch of weed.
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How about YOU grow up?
mentalcritic20 April 2007
Being a child of the 1980s, I grew up with numerous educational as well as diversionary programs (or both), and continue to learn so much from them now that I admire the wisdom of those who worked on them. After learning that Sesame Street, to name the best example, was not solely responsible for the fact that I could read at an adult level before I could walk, it only increased the level of disgust I feel not only towards the Lyons corporation and its product, but those who defend them, too. As if I had faith in those we assign to protect us or our children to begin with, the fact that Barney & Friends still pollutes our airwaves after more than a decade later is a discredit not only to the FCC, American commerce, and its makers, it is a discredit to all of humanity. In a world where I can be harassed without recourse by the police, welfare services, and child protection agencies simply for being born different to those in power, yet broadcasters are allowed to pump this drivel into my home uncontested, you have to ask what is wrong with people.

You see, in a world where we are expected to behave like adults and account for ourselves, what we say to our sons and daughters is of importance because it will often have consequences long after we are gone. Not only are our attempts to make our children more normal, more alike, more think-alike, potentially devastating, what we end up teaching them to be normal has a big part to play, too. So the question becomes one of what Barney is teaching our children to be normal. Apart from lessons such as that we are not good if we do not have good feelings, or that someone will change the rules to make us happy when we come up short, other shocking things we are shown on the Barney show include Barney molesting children. The issue of child abduction and child molestation is a big one in our society, and has been ever since we started trying to pretend it was not, but that would qualify as one of the most inappropriate ways in which to present the topic.

So far I have only mentioned the inappropriate and emotionally damaging lessons Barney himself presents. Adding to the problem is the children shown on the show. I use the word children loosely here, as the range of ages shown goes as low as three years and as high as fourteen. Yet no difference in emotional response is shown at either extreme. Fourteen year olds react to Barney and his proposed situations in the exact same way as five year olds. Experts in childhood and adolescent autism especially consider this an incredibly foul thing to expose children to. Adults on the autistic spectrum who faced increasing problems as their needs were not only not met but flat-out ignored have a tendency to watch this and feel an urge to do the kinds of things with Barney that would make fourteen year olds cry. As irreverent and sick as shows targeted toward the elder-child market such as You Can't Do That On Television were, they stamp all over Barney by demonstrating that not only do different ages respond to the same thing in different ways, so too do different people.

So in response to mdmireles1295, I have to say that I hope like hell they do not have children. For every time I see a parent showing their child this drivel, it gives me an overwhelming urge to report them to the police for child abuse. And I speak as a man whose entire upbringing was dominated by abuse. They might sing about manners, loving, caring, or sharing, but the examples they show are not only so lopsided as to be the opposite of educational, they are so devoid of realism as to become dangerous, as The Light Triton has already pointed out. The kind of lessons children learn from Barney are that people do not vary, feelings must be suppressed at all costs, and rules are entirely arbitrary. When compared to the lessons that variation is what makes the world go around and even the most bitter feelings have a purpose that television taught me as a boy, it still boggles the mind that the authorities have yet to step in and yank this trash off the air. If a parent did to their child what Barney does around the world, they would face criminal charges.

Hence, I gave Barney my favourite two out of ten score that I give to all rubbish with absolutely no redeeming value. In a world of adults that know how to properly respond to their children, it has no place.
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My Kids Will Never Watch this Garbage
badstrong3129 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When I have kids, and when they're very little, I will let them watch stuff like SpongeBob, Mickey Mouse, Elmo, and other shows like that. I will never let them watch this vomit inducing piece of crap. Here are the reasons Why:

1. The way the kids and Barney interact with each other. I don't want my son/daughter/both to learn the wrong definition of love. This show teaches false love

2. One episode "A Stranger is a Friend You Haven't Made Yet" caused millions of children to fall victim to infanticide, kidnappers, and pedophiles. 3. The message that cheating is good. In one episode, one boy bent the rules and was awarded for his creative thinking.

4. His shows do not assist children in learning to deal with negative feelings and emotions. As one commentator puts it, the real danger from Barney is denial: the refusal to recognize the existence of unpleasant realities. For along with his steady diet of giggles and unconditional love, Barney offers our children a one-dimensional world where everyone must be happy and everything must be resolved right away.

5. I was watching something on the history channel about the Nostradamus effect and the first two false prophets being Napoleon and Hitler, but that the third and most dangerous may be among us today. Here's something that relates this to Barney:

a. Barney is well-described with the following phrase:


b. The old Latin alphabet used the letter 'V' in place of 'U', therefore the above phrase is modified to: CVTE PVRPLE DINOSAVR

c. Letters that do not represent Roman numerals are removed:

CV-- -V--L- DI----V-

d. Add up the Roman numerals of the remaining letters:

C + V + V + L + D + I + V = 100 + 5 + 5 + 50 + 500 + 1 + 5 = 666

Yes, that purple bastard may be the third false prophet. And before anyone accuses me of devil worship, I want everybody to know that I am a Christian. If I ever saw Barney in person, I would do what Jesus would do. I would say "Begone Satan! I condemn thee back to Hell!" and then I would kick him in the balls so hard that his scream would be heard by astronauts on the moon.

6. The creator was probably a schizophrenic. Why do I say this, because in an interview with the creator, she says "All I can remember is him teaching me.

7. Hippie parents think this is a good and educational show and that by letting their kids watch real movies like Star Wars, the parents will think "Oh no, this movie has guns in it. If I let my kid watch this, they'll think that it's okay to go shoot people." Let me ask you something. Where the hell is a kid going to find a gun. I saw Star Wars, Terminator, Alien, The Temple of Doom, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Terminator 2, and Silence of the Lambs before I turned 10, and I turned out fine. I'm an Eagle Scout, I was on Honor Roll from 6th to 12th grade, I was the star of my High School football team, I was class president, I'm going to college to be a graphic designer, I'm engaged to a beautiful girl that I love dearly, and I have two nephews who's pictures are on my desk in my house. How did I turn out like that? With good parenting. Those movies didn't make me think it was okay to shoot people. What the hell are you stupid hippies thinking?!

Also, this show gives the wrong definition of imagination. you don't need magic to use your imagination. Like in that one SpongeBob episode where SpongeBob and Patrick were goofing around and pretending to race cars in that box. I mean, they were having fun with a cardboard box. They didn't need magic to use their imagination. And I'm 20 and I watch SpongeBob with my 5 year old nephew, Connor, whenever he visits, and SpongeBob is actually a good show. It's actually pretty funny and the only good show still on Nickolodeon.

I would have rated this movie half a star, but I'm saving that rating for "Catwoman". This one has earned negative ten stars. My nephew, made it up when he saw Aliens in the Attic, and he said to me, "Uncle Jamie, this movie deserved negative ten stars. That's the worst rating you can give." Yeah, he's a pretty awesome kid. He's really smart and creative for a five year old. In fact, he was reading the abridged version of "Moby Dick." No bull!

This show has earned negative ten stars.
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Each TV Genre has a Lowest Common Denominator to Pander to, and Educational Children's Programming is no exception
kevinm118 February 2004
Barney helped spark a tradition of Corporate Suits slapping together bottom-of-the-barrel scrapings and calling them "Educational Children's Programming" While using Naziesque brainwashing to both Keep kids docile and quiet for 30 minutes and begging parents for Barney Junk being peddled by said Corporate Suits, rather than people like Fred Rogers and Jim Henson, going out of their way making a Educational Children's show where Kid's actually having fun while Learning. Barney Talks to children like they were Mindless Idiots, and that's not hard in a show that's so PC and sugar-coated, that it staggers the imagination. That brings me to another point; Individualism and TRUE Imagination is frowned upon and shunned in Barney, and it seems that the Kids can only Use Imagination or do any conceivable task if Barney Tells them to, and the kids seem like they can only imagine what Barney tells them to. Barney is mostly a haven for Parents who are so desparate for 30 minutes of Peace and Quiet, that they'll put on the first Kid's show, and they're stereotyping themselves in the process.

In Conclusion, You'd be doing your kids a much better, longer-lasting service if you just ignored Barney Altogether, and showed kids reruns of Mister Rogers' or Sesame Street
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