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football crazy
eddie-839 May 2001
Warning: Spoilers
`Playing the Field' is a delightful series from the pen of Kay Mellor who gave us the excellent, much darker `Band of Gold'. We again have a group of women at the centre of the story, this time they are soccer players rather than prostitutes.

Although issues like drug-taking, infidelity and a shocking family secret are included `Playing the Field' is fairly light-hearted and good-natured and if you can't guess who wins the climactic Cup Final… Well, I'm not going to provide a spoiler! As a matter of fact I found the actual scenes of ladies playing football the least convincing part of the show.

The top grade cast is of great interest with two of the stars of popular English comedy-drama `Cold Feet'. James Nesbitt & John Thomson, appearing as well as a couple of faces from the hilarious `Royle Family' plus the superb Lesley Sharp (Clocking Off, The Full Monty), Melanie Hill (Crocodile Shoes) and others.

Highly recommended.
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Release series 5!!!
vickywalmsley17 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
From trawling on the internet, I've discovered that there were 5 series of playing the field, of which I've seen the first 4. Series 5 was never released and I can't remember what happened in it from watching it on TV. Does anyone else know?! This was a good show, if a little predictable in places and some of the characters were slightly miserable! My favourite storyline was probably the Geraldine/Dave/Rick one, which, as I can't remember series 5 (and will never see it again unless it's released - hint hint!) I don't know the conclusion! This storyline lasted over all of the series so would have come to a really good ending - if only I could remember it! It doesn't make any sense to me to release the first four series and not the fifth - someone please take note!!!
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Cast List
calicoco29 October 2006
I really enjoyed this series but why are none of the regular cast members listed on this page? Lesley Sharp and Lorraine Ashbourne to name just two of them. Mrs Mullen, Mr Mullen, Matthew Mullen, Luke Mullen, Jo Mullen, Theresa Mullen, Geraldine, Dave, Rick all of them are missing! What's going on? I tried to find out the name of an actress who was in this series and her name is not listed. A lot of the actors in this series have gone on to star in many other very watchable programmes. It is disappointing when you look for information on this site and it is missing. I looked for details of a recent programme and there was no information about it at all! I know it must take some time to catch up but I really find this site useful and have been quite disappointed lately with it.
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rossrobinson10 March 2004
Playing the field i think is a fantastic series to watch. Sadly this drama programme finished in 2000, bringing the fans to a dispointment because the fans would have loved this programme because it's to do with football.

The series ended by leaving it with 3 series done. The 3 series were all fantastic, and i would find it hard to choice which series was the best, because i thought they were all fantastic series. Playing the field was made in 1998 and was a programme to all those football fans out there. If you like Playing the field, then i am sure you will like another fantastic programme called Footballer's wifes. I gvie this programme 10 out of 10.
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5th series
garywebbuk200328 December 2006
i have seen this series from the first episode to the last of series 5. It was one of my favourite television programmes on TV and really hope that it comes back or makes an appearance on UKTV Drama on Sky. Unfortunately this is when it finished. i thought it was a well written drama series. i have the box sets of series 1 -4 but i haven't seen anything coming out about the 5th series. if there is anyone out there who knows please please let me know here. My favourite actress in this was Jo McInnes. I think she is a great actress. She should have been in more dramas but i haven't seen or heard much that she is in. There wasn't much football (soccer) shown being played in it but the dramatic story lines made up for it.
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