John Grin's Christmas (TV Movie 1986) Poster

(1986 TV Movie)

Alfonso Ribeiro: Rocky


  • Rocky : ...I'd like to get it tonight, Mrs. Clark, so that she can wake up to it on Christmas morning.

    Mrs. Clark : *She*? Ah, so you've got a girlfriend!

    Rocky : Yeah... In fact, it's for my mother.

    Mrs. Clark : Oh, now it adds up! How much do you want to spend?

    Rocky : I was wondering if there's anything around here I can do for you...?

    Ghost of Christmas Present : ...Do you see this kid pretending he's a good little worker? And *she's* so gullible, she's buying it! But YOU see right through that, don't you?

    John Grin : Of course I do. Most people aren't willing to work for what they *need*, let alone what they WANT. That's why you gotta keep after them.

    Rocky : ...I've emptied all your wastebaskets, Mrs. Clark. What's next?

    Mrs. Clark : Pick out whatever you want.

    Rocky : I don't feel like I've done anything yet.

    Mrs. Clark : You've done plenty. I'll have more work for you next week. So what shall we give your mom?

    Rocky : Thank you... I had my eye on this vase over here.

    Mrs. Clark : Let me just put this bow on it for you... Here you are; Merry Christmas to your mom.

    Rocky : Thanks and Merry Christmas, Mrs. Clark. See you next week!

    [Halfway down the block, he stumbles and drops the vase, which breaks] 

    John Grin : Can we go now? I've seen enough.

    Ghost of Christmas Present : Don't you want to see what's gonna happen to him...? I don't blame you; it's probably gonna be very gruesome. Listen, I gotta split soon; so what say I show you back to your crib... I learned something from you this trip: You gave me new respect for the word *indifference*. And your way with chumps is priceless; what style! I will never equivocate with losers again; from now on, my motto is as follows - "When they're down, they're out". I know YOU can dig it, my man... I'll let myself out.

    [he walks through the front door without opening it] 

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