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50 Years Older
Waldo accidentally creates a time machine out of the Hurry-Up Machine resulting in himself, Dave, Diz, Hern and Angela aging 50 years.
Bad Luck
Dave experiences nothing but bad luck due to his superstitions, which include being chased by a life-sized action figure and dealing with technical problems on the set.
Battle of the Reporters
Hern and Angela face off in a "battle of the reporters" to see which one of them is the better reporter for the show.
Big Things
Waldo creates a super-growth ray that makes things big, but things get out of control when Dave uses the ray to accidentally blow-up a tarantula that stalks the studio.
Dave and Angela Are Getting Married?
When Diz overhears Dave and Angela talking about her upcoming story coverage of a celebrity wedding, she mistakenly assumes that Dave and Angela are the ones getting married, in which Diz tells Hern who fears loosing his job to Angela, as well as Waldo who fears changes in studio working conditions. But things get more complicated when Diz decides to throw a surprise engagement party for Dave and Angela complete with a wedding cake and all.
Dave's Birthday
When Diz thinks that today is Dave's birthday, she sets out with the rest of the gang to plan a surprise birthday party for him.
Day at the Beach
When Waldo takes the day off from work to go to the beach and takes one of the two studio cameras with him, Dave is left to run the show by himself as more staff takes off to go to the beach for some fun adventures.
Eskimo Pie
When Dave and Hern leave to fly up north to Alaska on an excursion to search for the world's best Eskimo Pie, Diz remains behind to run the studio by herself and transforms the place, and the show, into one big music party.
Dave's guest is an incompetent illusionist named Presto who tries to teach him and the gang how to, or more likely how NOT to, perform magic tricks.
Dave tries to help out a depressed Waldo, who never gets any mail, by doing a character makeover on him with the help of Lydia the Letter Carrier.
Monkey for a Day
When Dave fails to show up to the studio, Diz decides to hire a substitute host for the day, only that it turns out that the "host" is a chimpanzee.
Rock and Roll Studio
When Diz accidentally overbooks the studio into having a rock band record their latest music video, she, Dave, Hern, Angela and Waldo are mistaken for the band and are brought into the now unrecognizable set to prepare for their production number, despite that none of them know how to sing or play musical instruments.
The Laugh Track Machine
Dave tries help out the man operating the laugh-track machine for the show when he does not find the show, or anything else, to be funny anymore.
18 Nov. 1984
The Hurrry Up Time Machine
Dave uses his "Hurry Up Time Machine" to go back in time and meet some pirates. A kid shows his pet brontosaurus to a stunned reporter. The show searches for the world's greatest taco and shows how not to build a go-kart.

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