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The movie revolves around the trials and tribulations of Anu (Sujatha). Anu is a happy-go-lucky girl who is in love with her boyfriend. Her life changes when her father gets transferred to Mumbai (then Bombay). Her love life falls apart as she gets no response to any of her letters from her love. In addition, her father becomes seriously ill. Her father's office colleague, Ramanathan (Rajnikanth), becomes the new pillar of support for her in these tough times. Soon, he asks for her hand in marriage. She accepts gratefully, and confesses that she had a boyfriend, who has seemingly forgotten her. However, she soon realizes that Ramanathan is a sadistic and jealous husband, who tortures her no end so she opts for a divorce. As a divorced woman, with an infant in her hands, she lands in Chennai (Madras) to take up a new job and start a new life. Her life takes a turn for the better in Chennai with a very supportive friend-group in her office, particularly a widower, Janardhan a.k.a Johnnie ...

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