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Highly recommended: Comedy Gem from K. Balachander
valleycats13 September 2002
One of South India's all time great film directors presents one of my all time favourite Tamil movies - Bama Vijayam. The theme is one of universal appeal- the effects of trying to keep up with the Joneses. The story revolves around an urban South Indian joint family composed of brothers, their wives and children and parent/s. It is the ideal household with every one getting along well with each other and living a simple but content life. All this turns topsy turvy when an affluent and glamorous movie actress moves in next door. The family tries to do everything possible, often going to ridiculous limits, to impress their new neighbour when she plans to pay them a neighbourly visit. Every activity seems to revolve around this much awaited visit and when the day arrives, the family is surprised by Bama's reaction. This is a movie that has at least a couple of great songs - the more famous one being Varavu Ettana Selavu Patthana- about the effects of over spending. The other hit song is Aani Muthu Vaangi Vandhen.
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A good but not great movie
ratan-hari3 October 2008
I just saw this movie a few nights ago. And this comment is a result of seeing movies over the last many years in both English and Tamil and comparing it with other movies of those times.

The plus points of the movie is the storyline The movie was made with not so great talent maybe except for Nagesh and Balaiah. The Director fails to bring out the best in the actors and relies mostly on the story line, the screenplay is not up to the mark.

It is a reasonably good entertainer with a moral (common requirement in the 60's).

When you have no other tamil movie to watch and have an evening on hand and must watch something from the 60s, then maybe you could give this a try. However, remember that the comedy lines and screenplay in those days where different. Don't expect punchlines like you do nowadays and anything dramatic in terms of sound effects and visuals.
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