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  • An innocent dreamer, Thilagam works as a cook at the house where Venkatachalam& his sister, Indumathi's live. She is coveted by the slow-witted deaf household help, Kasi @ Sevudan (Deaf man) as well as Venkatachalam. In this setting enters Sanjeevi, a modern chap rooted in communist ideals who constantly meddles with the men-hating Indumathi. One fine day, Thilagam becomes pregnant and a riveting drama ensues.


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  • Kamal Haasan, a smart young man, arrives to see his friend SarathBabu, who is staying with his sister Sumithra, along with a beautiful maid Shobha and a slow-witted but kind servant Mouli. Sumithra, who got rejected by a man years ago, has become an ardent feminist man-hater (except for her brother), which amuses Kamal Haasan and gives him scope for banter and wit with her. The two fall in love with each other, though Sumithra vehemently denies it for most of the film.

    SarathBabu becomes enamored of his maid Shobha and seduces her. She becomes pregnant, but SarathBabu refuses to marry her. Mouli, who is secretly in love with Shobha, claims Kamal Haasan is her babys father, which means he is sentenced to marry Shobha. Kamal is enraged at his position, but goes ahead after Mouli pleads with him to save Shobha from social disgrace.

    Kamal Haasan sends Shobha to live with Mouli till her pregnancy is over. Mouli tenderly looks after her, and when his community starts to inquire about her presence in his home, he tells them she is his wife to protect her (back in 1978 unwed motherhood was considered a disgrace in India). Eventually Sumithra learns the truth about her brothers guilt and Kamals innocence, and flies into a rage and demands SarathBabu marry Shobha for the dignity of womanhood.

    SarathBabu is finally persuaded to marry Shobha, and comes to see her after her baby is born. However Shobha rejects him, as all he did was get her pregnant and afterwards he never even came around to see her; Mouli on the other hand not only stayed with her but cared for her, and she considers him a more worthy choice as a husband and father. An enraged SarathBabu fires them both, but Kamal Haasan approves of Shobhas choice and sets up a job for Mouli to support his now-wife and child.

    The film ends with Kamal Haasan leaving town, picking up Sumithra on the outskirts after she asks him to take her along.

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