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7 Jan. 1999
Episode #4.1
The team get a new boss. A drug baron and his partner, an American wheeler-dealer with a sideline in plutonium smuggling becomes a headache for the team..
14 Jan. 1999
Episode #4.2
Taylor and Johnson (the smugglers) arrange to have the courier killed, as he returns from South Africa suffering from radiation sickness. The team are in a deadly race against time as ultimatum from an arms dealer means trouble.
21 Jan. 1999
Episode #4.3
As fellow conspirators start turning up dead and the Customs net starts to close in on him, Taylor starts to panic and desperately attempts to close the deal for the bomb.
28 Jan. 1999
Episode #4.4
An Algerian heroin smuggling ring is exposed after an illegal immigrant is found hiding in the luggage compartment of a coach. Ancrom (the new head) investigates a drug baron's wife suspected of continuing the business.
4 Feb. 1999
Episode #4.5
Barry's undercover operation is threatened when The Algerians suspect they have been betrayed, putting Barry in danger. The rest of the team are also involved in a group, smuggling endangered animals.
11 Feb. 1999
Episode #4.6
Ancrom discovers Diane made a deal with Toni Maxwell, in return for Barry's whereabouts. An operation on a gang of crooked airport baggage-handlers goes like clockwork, until their psychotic leader escapes.

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