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Season 1

14 Nov. 1964
State Visit
An old Jew, a survivor of the Nazi death camps, becomes obsessed with the arrival of the West German chancellor for a state reception in London. His desire for revenge leads him to plot an assassination.
17 Oct. 1964
The 'V' Men
The Victory Movement is a fascist political party that is contesting the next election and a bomb is exploded outside the flat of the party's leader. A woman is a witness but Gideon has to find her and convince her to talk.
28 Nov. 1964
The Firebug
Fires are being set at random in south London, all in abandoned properties, until one kills some squatters,and C.I.D. looks into it. The arsonist is a quiet, seemingly normal man who's gone psycho after a fire killed his loved ones.
12 Dec. 1964
The Big Fix
A stable hand is beaten to death and, in his dying confession, he says he was beaten up because he was asked to dope a horse. Gideon is asked to investigate race fixing at the local racecourse.
2 Jan. 1965
The Housekeeper
A serial murderess is on the loose, a woman that poses as a housekeeper that preys on OAPs with money. She eludes capture by her penchant for disguises.
5 Dec. 1964
The Lady-Killer
The new husband of Inspector Keen's girlfriend's best friend has the worst luck - his wives keep turning up dead. When it's discovered that he's using aliases, suspicions arise and lead to a CID investigation.
31 Oct. 1964
To Catch a Tiger
The victim of a car accident gives a death bed statement that says a man murdered his first wife with an overdose of morphine. Gideon is determined to prove the man is a killer but the court case doesn't quite go as planned.
19 Dec. 1964
Big Fish Little Fish
Gideon's car almost hits a young pick-pocket, who is being controlled by his mother. This leads him to investigate a fence who is controlling the petty crime but arrogantly believes he is above the law.
21 Nov. 1964
The White Rat
A series of warehouse robberies are led by a creepy albino mastermind who obsesses over a pet rat. After a night watchman is killed during a heist, one of CID's veteran detectives suspects and then goes after him, with violent results.
9 Jul. 1967
How to Retire Without Really Working
A middle-age couple commit a small time crime once a month and live off the swag, but after a threatening visit from Gideon, they plan one last grand heist to retire on.
3 Apr. 1965
Subway to Revenge
A man tries to push an accountant off a crowded subway platform. Only his friend takes it seriously and pesters Gideon to look for the would-be killer. Gideon finds three more sudden deaths and the race is on to find a motive.
8 May 1965
The Great Plane Robbery
A group of thieves successfully steal a £1 000 000 shipment of gold from a plane that has just landed from Moscow. It was very well organised and Gideon is in charge of finding the criminals.
17 Apr. 1965
Gang War
A protection-racketing gang of thugs is in a bloody turf war, but their leader sees a way out of the slums and on to the good life by way of his wife seducing a straight-laced bank clerk with access to a fortune in used bills.
7 Nov. 1964
The Tin God
Two criminals make a murderous escape from prison with a carefully executed plan. One is a violent gangster intent on revenge against his wife who helped the police put him away. He uses his son, who idolises him, to carry out his plan.
24 Apr. 1965
The Alibi Man
A racing car driver accidentally kills his accountant over some missing money. With the help of his mechanic he proceeds to cover up the crime by establishing alibis. Gideon knows that they're guilty but proving it is difficult.
16 Jan. 1965
Fall High Fall Hard
There is corruption in the building industry by the co-owner of the building company. One clerk was murdered and another was bribed. When the other co-owner finds out, more crimes are committed to keep the police from finding out.
27 Mar. 1965
The Wall
Netta's husband, Michael, has a big win on the football pools but then disappears. It appears as though he has run off but he is actually the victim of foul play. The clues come together and the murderer is uncovered.
1 May 1965
The Prowler
A young man with a domineering mother snaps after the suicide of his fiancée, and goes about foggy London evenings choking girls and cutting off locks of their hair.
3 Feb. 1965
The Thin Red Line
The Balaclava Silver, which is the regimental silver crockery of a proud Scottish regiment, is gradually being stolen and replaced with fake replicas. Gideon is asked to discretely find out who is stealing the silver pieces.
6 Mar. 1966
A Perfect Crime
A stockbroker and safe-cracker join forces to pull jobs in wealthy homes. After the upper class crook commits a murder at one job, the cracksman is caught at the next. His lawyer charges Gideon with police brutality.
20 Nov. 1966
The Millionaire's Daughter
A well-known criminal has started a romance with the daughter of a rich couple from America and Gideon is suspicious. When she is kidnapped Gideon immediately knows who's to blame, but proving it and freeing the girl is more difficult.
24 Feb. 1966
After a beautiful blonde is found murdered, her story is unraveled in flashbacks about her relationship to her posh girl's school friends and instructors, her troubled beau, and with a black drug pusher seething with contempt.
27 Feb. 1966
Boy with Gun
A milquetoast boy shoots a punk that threatened him with a knife, then, fearing his hard bitten police surgeon father, runs away and is joined by a young escapee.
26 Apr. 1966
The Reluctant Witness
Some neighborhood thugs, who run a garage/stolen car ring, beat a man to death. A timid shop girl is the only witness. When they figure out that she saw them, the CID must protect her.
24 Oct. 1964
The Rhyme and the Reason
A young man is accused of murdering his unfaithful girlfriend. Though many offer damning testimony, and his knife is found at the murder scene, Gideon suspects a frame-up.
9 Jan. 1965
The Nightlifers
A group of bored and rich young people go from endless pot and booze parties aboard a houseboat to violent crimes in the city. Their creepy leader has an obsessive hate for middle class morality, and calls their misdeeds "giggles".

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