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Season 3

14 Sep. 1959
Story Without a Moral
A lowly artist, given the chance to restore an old aristocrat's collection of masterpieces, makes a forgery of an important work to deceive Nazi art thieves. The old woman is also fooled, and so he keeps and sells the original, but though he prospers greatly, his conscience bothers him.
28 Sep. 1959
Hello, Charlie
Incidents in the life of Charles Macarthur, a journalist who became a famous playwright and screenwriter.
9 Nov. 1959
The Golden Shanty
On his return to Nugget City, traveling medicine man Doc Boatwright is spotted by Adie Walter who, having been conned into buying Boatwright's saloon, has a score to settle with the charming medicine peddler.
29 Feb. 1960
Show Wagon
A young law student, touring with a stock company, defends a woman accused of murder in a Western frontier town.
14 Mar. 1960
Squeeze Play
A truck driver with nearly two million miles of safe driving behind him is blamed for an accident caused by another motorist.
11 Apr. 1960
Author at Work
Krob is an egotistical, slovenly, amazingly successful author of murder mysteries. A small, unctuous man visits and feeds his vanity with fantastic compliments. eventually revealing he knows his stories are descriptions of crimes he committed and intends extortion. But as the story takes place in jaded, immoral future year 1967, nobody cares so long as the stories entertain.

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