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"Hello again my Beauties"
VictorianCushionCat27 May 2004
I've had this on VHS for ages, and last year upgraded to the excellent new DVD, what can I say, it is simply amazing. I've seen a fair few bands in the last decade live, but none have come anywhere near to matching rock's royal family.

Queen were surely the best live band in history, they just seemed to get it so right. Sadly other Queen live videos inc 'Rock in Rio' and 'We Will Rock You' don't do this justice, either too tinny, or dormant audiences, but 'Wembley' is an amazing record of one of their best shows.

Each band member oozes confidence and ability, Freddie was born to play Wembley and he knew it. The audience clearly know it too and respond with admirable energy to the great singalongs.

Too many highlights to mention but Fred's majestic voice, Rogers pounding drumming, John's foundation threatning bass and Brian magical guitar work combine to create the ultimate live treat.

How I wish I'd been there, but I was only 9!

There are some half decent pretenders out there but no-one can and probably will come close to Queen live, now that's magic!
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Jonathan Horner29 April 2000
I'm a massive fan of Queen and this has to be one of the most fantastic concert i've ever seen. Freddie is as his best and steals the show. May, Taylor and Deacon all play at their very best as well, making Queen the best rock group ever to grace planet earth.
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Queen at their best
Starbuck-134 May 1999
This is a concert from a period when Queen were on the heights of their career. A Queen concert has always been something special, and this video captures the spirit and shows us the unforgettable Freddie Mercury in his prime, a human powerhouse with an incredible voice and a unique show act.

I was too young to visit the concerts in person back then, which is a sad fact I will never be able to remedy. But by watching this video, I get an idea of what it was like to be at such a concert in the 80s. Wonderful music, great audience, splendid performers... Queen remains for me the best Rock band of all time.
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To have been there was a privilege
cookeje17 April 2006
I was 23 years old, newly married and at the greatest concert of my life! I still remember the atmosphere and the fantastic showmanship of the band and it's almost 20 years later! It was an entire day event, the weather was fantastic, and the scene was set! There were other bands supporting Queen that day, Status Quo and the wonderful INXS. People have commented that Freddie Mercury wasn't at his best that day due to his illness, but I never noticed. To me he was amazing and consuming to watch. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and I am glad this video was released so that I can cherish the moment over and over again. If you are a Queen fan then this is a MUST for your collection. Thanks Queen!
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bmilo117 July 2005
I own both this disc and the "On Fire at the Bowl" DVD. This is by far my favorite. Everything is done right and to perfection here. There is a majesty in the filming and editing that is missing in the other performance. Maybe it's the energy of this awesome Wembley crowd. Shot just before sunset, the transition to night time is magic and Freddie commands! He is loved by and connected to the crowd like very few performers. The sound is stellar, Brian is in great form, the harmonies are spot on, it is incredible to realize this wall of great sound is coming mostly from a live trio. Of the 28 songs on this DVD there are only 8 that are on the "On Fire.." disc, making this practically a whole different show. I prefer the selections on this Wembley performance and although some reviewers claim the performance on the "On Fire.." disc was better, I do not agree. The combination of song selection, multi camera filming, sound quality, and a second disc of extras make this the preferred choice for me. An absolute must have for ANY fan of classic rock.
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Take care Freddy
Mr Yu11 April 2003
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to dominate a 100,000 people? How about a 100,000 wet, cold people? There will not be another Freddy Mercury, nor for that matter another Queen. If you think this this is an unreasonable critique, check out the DVD for yourself. After that, check out the double live CD that followed their Live Aid performance. I believe the comment that Live Aid Promoter Bob Geldof said as he was given a $1million cheque was `Who has their sound together?' It was Queen. Stadium Rock was for the most part crap for those of us who were there. Long live Freddy!!!
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One of Queen's Best Concerts!
Funkypizza20018 January 2003
"Queen Live at Wembley '86" is one of Queen's best concerts! They deliver an overall amazing show, playing their classic songs and they got a rowdy crowd on top of it all! If you are a huge Queen fan, like I am, I HIGHLY recommend this concert!!
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if only i could've been there
militon11 January 2006
of course, at the time this show took place, i was only 6 and living in ceausescu's communist romania, so there was no chance i could've been there. but ever since i can remember listening to music, i always wished for a time machine in order to be able to go back in time to that concert. queen is, in my opinion, the greatest band there ever was. i might not listen to them as much as i used to, but they're still number one in my book, and whenever i put on one of their songs, my heart resonates. that being said, i'm obviously a bit subjective saying this, but it is beyond my power to understand how anyone could rate this anything else than 10. much less a 2. incomprehensible. i would really love to listen to what they have to say. if anyone who rated this less than say 7 reads my review, please let me know why you considered this to be under par. back to the concert, it is amazing. freddie is most probably at his best, although his live career was quickly approaching it's end. what a shame it is that freddie died i needn't say. let's just try to enjoy the extraordinary music they all have created, and be happy we have that.
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Simply Amazing!!
coogansbluff8 April 2005
This is by far THE greatest concert ever staged by Queen! Filmed when they were at their peak and with all their classics songs this is a must have for every Queen fan or any music lover at that!

All the great tracks are here including - "a kind of magic", "I want to break free", "Another one bites the dust", under pressure" plus a few of their lesser known songs(to non Queen fans anyway) like "in the lap o the gods" and "is this the world we created". Oh and I can't forget the legendary "Bohemian Rhapsody".

The DVD version is amazing, you can almost feel the atmosphere of the crowd in your lounge room! This DVD made me wish I was born a few years earlier so that I could have attended such a magnificent entertainment spectacle!! Also contained some interesting interviews and behind the scenes doco.

In summary, a must have for anybody who appreciates great music!

Now if only I could invent a time machine...
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Brilliant Live Performance; So-So Film
gftbiloxi19 April 2008
The rock band Queen formed in England in 1972. Although several critics admired their earliest releases, the public remained largely indifferent until the 1974 SHEER HEART ATTACK, which jolted the band to fame in both England and America--and throughout the 1970s Queen generated one major recording success after another with A NIGHT AT THE OPERA, A DAY AT THE RACES, and NEWS OF THE WORLD. Even so, the band often provoked a "love it or hate it" reaction; they offered an odd mixture of thundering hard rock, English musical hall, and progressive sound in a "glamrock" package, and as time passed American audiences found it less and less appealing--particularly when dogged by rumors about lead singer Freddie Mercury's sexuality and the sexually "ify" nature of the band's name itself.

By the early 1980s those controversies, shifts in musical tastes, and the band's extremely ill-advised gig at the segregated South African resort of Sun City effectively knocked Queen out of the lucrative American market. But something unexpected happened: Queen, which had long been a concert favorite in Asia and Europe, emerged as the world's premiere stadium concert act, and quite suddenly the American market was almost irrelevant. Who cares about New York and Los Angeles when you have out-charted every one from Elvis Presley to the Beatles and when you are the single biggest concert draw in world history? In 1986 Queen played England's Wembley Stadium, one of the largest venues in Europe, performing two concerts (one in a rainstorm) to sold out audiences. The concert was filmed, and it presents a great band that clearly had a great talent for playing to such incredibly large audiences.

When you listen to Queen's most popular releases you listen to a band that knows how to work a recording studio to the nth degree--and so it is very easy to forget exactly how athletic and musically muscular Queen was. WEMBLEY reminds you of the fundamental facts in no uncertain terms: four band members, a single back up musician to pick up occasional phrases here and there, and that was it. And they clearly do everything but tear Wembley Stadium down to the ground.

At this point in the band's history concerts focused tightly around lead singer Freddie Mercury, who had a unique talent for dominating the massive audiences to which he played: handsome, muscular, he is all over the stage--and then there is that voice. Mercury is said to have had a four-octave range, and while his upper registers were too delicate for the demands of the concert stage you don't doubt it for a minute. This is a voice as delicate as a trembling candle flame, as roaring as bonfire, and shifting between both extremes without the faintest sign of strain or effort. And the band is behind him every inch of the way: Brian May, lead guitar, is a legendary performer in his own right, and bassist John Deacon and drummer Roger Taylor are rock solid as well.

That said, however, the film itself is actually only so-so, and the reason is very obvious: the editing. The thing consists of one flash cut after another, bouncing from Mercury to May to Taylor and shortchanging Deacon in the process. We have plenty of close ups, and very often some remarkable shots of the crowd--"Radio Gaga" is particularly extraordinary in this--but we seldom actually get to see the band as a whole. The endless cuts become more than a little wearing after a while and they ultimately undercut the energy of the concert itself.

The producers make up for this a little bit on the bonus disk, which includes a feature that allows you to focus exclusively on one performer at a time over the course of a few songs. The bonus disk also includes several documentaries that range from the "fair enough" to the "very good." Queen was a great live band, no doubt about it; the film falls short of that, but even so it reminds you very clearly of what Freddie, Brian, John, and Roger could do when they put their minds to it. It also has a certain poignancy, particularly when Mercury remarks that the band will stay together until they die, particularly given that Mercury very likely knew at this point that he was HIV positive and would not be able to tour much longer. He would be dead five years later. Strongly recommended in spite of flaws.

GFT, Amazon Reviewer
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next best thing to having been there
richardamarriott24 June 2003
its hard to believe its 17 years since queen performed this last live concert, and at the time nobody knew this would be the final opportunity to experience queen performing on stage. the set songs are a great mixture of early and more recent peices,and the quality of production, both visual and audio is very good. if you were never lucky enough to have been to a queen concert, buy this dvd, its the next best thing to having been there.
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One of my all time Favourite Rock Concerts
nevillebardoliwalla31 October 2018
One of the world's biggest bands Queen return to the scene of their Live Aid (1985) triumph a year earlier to play all their greatest hits in front of a packed Wembley Stadium. This is from Queen's famous "Magic Tour", which was their biggest ever world tour and also their final tour with the classic line up of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. Their final concert with Mercury as frontman was soon after this one, at Knebworth Park. Because of Mercury's declining health (he was diagnosed with AIDS the following year), they were never able to tour again.

Courtesy of Neville C. Bardoli OBE
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times gone by....
tendraftsdeep25 September 2005
I missed out on Queen back then....I was into trendy "80's" bands and in the 90's I found great music, singers, songwriters, hard guitars, and in this decade I am getting older and sick and tired of current music. But then.... A couple weeks ago some relatives bought me the LIVE AID 1985 4 DVD set. I was excited to see some of my favorites, but then, suddenly QUEEN showed up. And totally rocked the whole show. WOW. one day later I bought this Queen live at Wembley 86 set and I don't know what to say. An incredible show, great sound (DTS) and Freddy is one of the best front-men/vocalists ever. It is filmed with detail and edited to please. It will Rock You!
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The perfect concert
SlyGuy211 January 2019
No other concert I've seen will be able to top this. Period. I don't care if God himself appears at a concert, it will not be as good as this. Why? Because this is perfect. Perfect sound, perfect picture, perfect production, a perfect setlist, and a band that demolishes everything for 2 hours. Freddie Mercury is God here, able to hit every note, and run around stage, and command all of Wembley Stadium at the same time. Brian May's guitar work is crazy, with some of my favorite solos. John Deacon is a master, silently aiding to every song in the background. And Roger Taylor is a monster, destroying his drum set the whole night, and staying on pitch. Every one is untouchable here. No concert I've seen has been able to match this level of energy. Last year for my year end celebration I watched Metallica's "Binge and Purge Seattle". That is a very close second to this. Queen were on top of their game here, and they owned the world for one moment in time. This. Freddie Mercury would die 5 years after this, and what a concert to end on, what a tour to end on, what a legacy to leave behind. I say from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you Freddie, thank you Brian, thank you John, thank you Roger. Thank you Queen.

R.I.P. Freddie Mercury
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Killer Queen
Prismark102 August 2013
After the Flash Gordon film, Queen had a slight dip, not helped with the negative publicity of breaking a UN embargo and playing in South Africa.

Rather a sad state of affair given Freddie Mercury's Indian ethnicity. He would be termed a second class citizen in Apartheid South Africa.

Of course Queen were not the only entertainers from the world of arts and sports to do this. Pro celebrity sanctions busting was a popular event in the 1970s and 1980s.

However post Live Aid and the songs from their new album, many of which featured in the film Highlander the band were soon at their peak.

Freddie was probably diagnosed HIV positive when this concert was filmed and they never toured again.

Being back at Wembley after Live Aid, playing new and old songs, you can sense the electric atmosphere, the band are on an extra mission to entertain. Freddie was on top form that day.
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Wembley '86 Is Better Than Wembley '66
Rindiana29 July 2009
Queen's most famous concert was also one of their last. But Freddy's deteriorating health is not evident yet. He's doing his manic entertainer shtick to perfection... and his voice seldom trembles.

Even if you're not into the band's pompous hymns and rock anthems, the formidable play list, mixing some of their biggest hits with lesser known songs and rarities, including a short, but electrifying stroll through the Rock'n'Roll era, offers enough diversion. And those guys surely could stir the masses.

Unfortunately, the direction is terribly pedestrian and unimaginative.

6 out of 10 guitar players with yellow hot pants *shudder*
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Great Concert
icet200423 May 2005
no doubt this concert is magnificent and always will be it's immortal classical concert.Queen change the image of hard rock.Freddie is one of great rock singer ever.my favorite queen songs are "Bicyle Race","Bohemain Rhapsody","Don't Stop Me Now","A Kind Of Magic" and other great songs.Queen was definitely one of leading band in 70s and 80s no doubt.even Led Zeppelin wasn't so great than Queen.Brian May one of the greatest guitarist ever.england will never see anybody like Freddie Mercury.David Bowie is without a question good too,but so good than Freddie.Queen change the image of rock. even Alice Cooper isn't so great than Queen.Queen is one of the greatest rock bands ever.
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