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Season 1

1 Jan. 1976
Last of a Schoolboy
The year is 1875. Edwin Clayhanger is turned 16 and it's his last day at school. He wants to be an architect. His father - the autocratic printer - has other ideas for his future.
8 Jan. 1976
The Architect
Edwin begins architectural drawings, but his domineering father puts him in the print shop immediately. Darius obtains a new press and installs it in the second floor of the print works.
15 Jan. 1976
Hilda Lessways is 20 and still living with her widowed mother. On the eve of her legal coming-of-age, Hilda is about to inherit the home and the rental property, so she goes to see the local solicitor, George Cannon.
22 Jan. 1976
The Five Towns Chronicle and Turnhill Guardian
Time passes: it's 1880. Edwin is still meek, Darius is even more fierce, humiliating him in front of customers. Hilda is now shorthand secretary at the new newspaper, The Five Towns Chronicle and Turnhill Guardian, set up by George Cannon.
29 Jan. 1976
Sin and Romance
Hilda travels to London in response to the telegram that her mother is ill. Meanwhile, Edwin is being gently pursued by Janet Orgreave, who is also very fond of books.
5 Feb. 1976
Escape to Bleakridge
Edwin, sent to deliver a message to a client at the local, accompanies Big James, and is astonished at his first sighting of a female clog dancer.
12 Feb. 1976
Hilda prepares to sell both her properties. Janet turns up and takes a relieved Hilda back to her home, where she lives a happier life, socializing with their family, and, meeting Edwin, they go together to the Methodist centenary.
19 Feb. 1976
Taking a Share
Edwin redeems his matured savings and buys a set of books for his new shelf. His father is unhappy about it. Hilda is asked by George to go and persuade Sarah Gailey not to give up the boarding house in London.
26 Feb. 1976
George persuades Sarah Gailey, with Hilda's help, to start a new boarding house in Brighton. He needs to downscale, to recoup some money. Sarah is becoming distraught.
4 Mar. 1976
George and Hilda are married. Hilda has always wanted him, and now she has him. But she is in for a shocking secret. Meanwhile, back in the Five Towns, Darius is angry about the strikers.
11 Mar. 1976
Hilda is returned from London. She would like to see around a print works. After letting the hint go, as usual, Edwin builds up his confidence to invite her round.
18 Mar. 1976
Edwin and Hilda are deeply in love, but Hilda cannot bear to keep her secret from him. She returns to Brighton to care for Sarah, who is ill. Edwin discovers from Janet that Hilda is married to George. But more news is yet to reach him.
25 Mar. 1976
Laid Aside
The family is concerned about Darius. The doctor has advised he not work. Reluctantly, he hands over the keys to the works to Edwin, and finally cedes authority for Edwin to write the cheques and run the business.
1 Apr. 1976
The Glorious Jubilee
It's 1887, and 50 years since Queen Victoria came to the throne, the Golden Jubilee. Darius is declining fast, and he has started to rant abusively. Edwin finally stands up to him.
8 Apr. 1976
The Chain Is Broken
Darius declines. Edwin now owns the print works, the rest is split between the two sisters. Time passes, and Janet turns up for a visit with a little boy: Hilda's son, George Edwin Cannon.
15 Apr. 1976
The Adventure
Edwin is off to Brighton, where he finds Hilda with the bailiffs in. He helps her out, and she tells him the truth about her husband. Back home, Edwin and young George Edwin spend some time together before he goes home.
22 Apr. 1976
As Mr Orgreaves is recovering from influenza, young George, already ill from the same fever, arrives on the train from London without his mother, Hilda. Hilda is telegrammed to come up, and she brings Charlie Orgreave, a GP, with her.
29 Apr. 1976
The Exquisite Burden
Edwin and Hilda are married in London, with Charlie as witness. To prevent local folk from spreading malicious gossip, they invite several local associates to a tea at the house.
6 May 1976
Edwin wants to build a new printing works, but Hilda, not long from being nearly destitute, and needing her security, thinks the venture too risky. Instead she would prefer he bought the house, which they are renting, from Maggie, instead.
13 May 1976
A Musical Evening
Edwin and Hilda are becoming more combative with other, disagreeing about his plans for the new printing works, and have an uncomfortable disagreement in front of their guests at the first musical evening.
20 May 1976
The Orgreave Calamity
Hilda visits Mrs. Orgreave, George's wife. George claims that he is innocent of fraud, and he has requested his wife seek out some persons who can prove this. Mr. Orgreave next door has passed away. Mr Orgreave next door has passed away.
27 May 1976
Mrs Cannon believes she has found someone who can prove George's innocence. Meanwhile, Hilda - then Edwin - visit Janet's relatives in Devon, and a visit to Dartmoor Prison is planned - presenting danger for Hilda, and conflict for Edwin.
3 Jun. 1976
George has turned up - he wants to go to America, he cannot stay with his estranged wife, despite the efforts she has made in freeing him - and he wants Edwin to help him get there.
10 Jun. 1976
Fall from Glory
Hilda and young George depart for London, and Edwin composes a letter to her about the crisis in their marriage. Auntie Hamps is becoming more ill, and only softens in Edwin's presence.
17 Jun. 1976
Death and Dreams
Auntie Hamps passes away peacefully - but the Benbows are fretting about the lack of a will. Hilda stays longer at London because young George has the flu. On her return the Clayhangers seem reconciled.
24 Jun. 1976
The Discovery
The Clayhangers spend Christmas Day with Tertius out in the country. On route, Hilda has arranged for them to look at an empty hall for sale. At Tertius's, the men discuss marriage, compromise and freedom.

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