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Season 3

26 Oct. 1964
Death Is a Closed Door
Through he desperately wishes to do so, Crane cannot help when a friend seeks his aid on a mission of great importance which could save the life life of a threatened man.
2 Nov. 1964
In the hands of experts, dynamite holds few dangers. But in the hands of men determined to use the explosive for their own greedy ambitions, it can - and does - become a dangerous threat to Crane's life.
9 Nov. 1964
The Third Bullet
A telephone call from an unknown woman puts Crane in the firing line - and the assassin's bullet has name on it. Can Mahmoud find the killer before Crane ceases to be a 'problem'?
23 Nov. 1964
A Danger to Others
When Julie Lamont disappears, Crane and Orlando are asked to find her, but their investigations lead them to believe that the girl has been abducted - and most likely murdered. Neither are ready for the surprises in store.
30 Nov. 1964
Death Walks Beside Me
When his old friend Johnnie comes to Crane for help, the smuggler believes his request is impossible. Or is it? Crane must decide one way or the other - Johnnie's life depends on it.
7 Dec. 1964
The Man with the Big Feet
When a local mystic called The Master relates a prophecy of death to Orlando. Crane must decide if his powers are real - or simply a cover for something far more mysterious.
14 Dec. 1964
In Trust Find Treason
When Colonel Mahmoud's reputation comes under threat. Crane finds himself coming to Mahmoud's defence - news that breaks Orlando's face into laughter. He soon regret his merriment.
21 Dec. 1964
The Painted Lady
Crane's meeting with Louisa May have been chance, but what happens shortly afterwards is cold-blooded and deliberate - and Crane has cause to rue the day he met the girl.
28 Dec. 1964
Moving Target
When Colonel Mahmoud's life comes under threat from an old enemy - a military man out to seek revenge - Crane once again steps into the firing line in an attempt to save the policeman's life.
4 Jan. 1965
A Cargo of Cornflour
Offered a job transporting a cargo of flour, Crane becomes when his employers refuse to allow him to inspect the cargo prior to shipment, and his crew (Orlando) goes missing.
11 Jan. 1965
A Violent Animal
A new threat to Crane's existence arrives in Morocco - a man brought from the mainland to execute our hero. It appear that Crane's smuggling activities have made him enemies - one of whom wants him dead.
18 Jan. 1965
The Death of Karaloff
Colonel Mahmoud has a problem. He's been ordered to keep Karaloff, a known criminal and a sworn enemy of Mahmoud's, alive, but he's loath to do so - so the policeman seeks Crane's help.
25 Jan. 1965
The Man in the Gold Waistcoat
If it hadn't been for the waistcoat, Crane wouldn't have become involved in the death of a man found in the desert. He did become involved - and now he's running for his life from a band of men intent on killing him.

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