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Season 3

13 Sep. 2000
Partly a prequel to the second season cliffhanger that explains what actually happened to Foster during a TV broadcast exposé. Introduces the anti-Gua group Raven Nation and a new quest to defeat Gua leader Mabus.
20 Sep. 2000
Raven Nation
Foster traces anti-Gua fighters Raven Nation to their headquarters and learns about their origins and tactics. The Gua follows.
27 Sep. 2000
Comes a Horseman
Foster is quarantined inside a lab that contains a deadly contagion engineered by the Gua.
4 Oct. 2000
Foster enters a "quantum pocket"--an endless time loop--in an attempt to free Joshua Bridges, who has been imprisoned there as a form of Gua punishment.
25 Oct. 2000
Crazy Eddie infiltrates an insane asylum in search of answers. However he becomes an unwilling test subject for the aliens.
24 Jan. 2001
Beneath the Black Sky
While chasing a gua prisoner through a forest, Cade is somehow transported to another dimension. Where he meets a mysterious humanoid, Xevallah that claims to be the last of his race. But before Cade can leave, he has to learn that the fight for the survival of Earth is not only physical but spiritual as well.
7 Feb. 2001
Twice Bless'd
The final battle between Mabus and Cade, Jushua Jordan and crazy Eddie.

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