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13 Sep. 2000
Partly a prequel to the second season cliffhanger that explains what actually happened to Foster during a TV broadcast exposé. Introduces the anti-Gua group Raven Nation and a new quest to defeat Gua leader Mabus.
20 Sep. 2000
Raven Nation
Foster traces anti-Gua fighters Raven Nation to their headquarters and learns about their origins and tactics. The Gua follows.
27 Sep. 2000
Comes a Horseman
Foster is quarantined inside a lab that contains a deadly contagion engineered by the Gua.
4 Oct. 2000
Foster enters a "quantum pocket"--an endless time loop--in an attempt to free Joshua Bridges, who has been imprisoned there as a form of Gua punishment.
25 Oct. 2000
Crazy Eddie infiltrates an insane asylum in search of answers. However he becomes an unwilling test subject for the aliens.

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