The Temptations (TV Mini-Series 1998) Poster

Terron Brooks: Eddie Kendricks


  • [During a concert break, Paul rushes off stage into the bathroom, coughs and throws up] 

    Shelly Berger : That was a disaster.

    Melvin Franklin : Yeah, Shelly, we know. All right?

    Shelly Berger : The next set's in 45 minutes. There's no way he'll be ready.

    Eddie Kendricks : He'll be ready.

    Shelly Berger : Falling down drunk doesn't get better in 45 minutes, Eddie. You know what we have to do, Otis...

    Eddie Kendricks : No! If Paul's not on that stage, I'm not on that stage.

    Shelly Berger : The Temptations are known for precision, Eddie. I don't know what that was, but that wasn't it.

    Eddie Kendricks : What's it to you, Shelley? You ain't up there.

    Shelly Berger : I might as well be. Mr. Gordy holds me responsible for everything that goes on out there.

    Eddie Kendricks : I'm responsible for Paul.

    Shelly Berger : Oh, yeah? Then where were you when he was getting plastered?

    Eddie Kendricks : I said it. I'm not going on without Paul

  • David Ruffin : I heard about Paul.

    Eddie Kendricks : They got the doctors and everybody in on it.

    David Ruffin : And you next.

    Eddie Kendricks : Me?

    David Ruffin : Yeah, you. I sang "My Girl", "Ain't Too Proud To Beg". Look what they did to me. Paul's gonna be gone and that's your boy. Shark's eatin' his own guts, Corn. And after you, ain't gonna be nothin' but O and Blue. And he gonna eat Blue, too, 'cause that's the way them types is. You better quit, save yourself some dignity.

    Eddie Kendricks : You don't know what you're talking about, Ruff. We're supposed to be back in the studio. When Paul gets better, we got the tour.

    David Ruffin : Yeah, the tour. Hey, Corn, you bigger than them, Corn. Just like I was bigger than them. You wait till your next hit, they gonna come after you. You better leave before you get fired.

  • David Ruffin : I'm back! I quit all that stuff, O.

    Eddie Kendricks : I told you he was clean.

    Otis Williams : I don't care!

    David Ruffin : [takes off his glasses]  Look, I'm straight, man. Can't you see I'm straight?

    Eddie Kendricks : He's straight. Listen to him.

    David Ruffin : I'm back in the group, O. Tell me I'm back in the group.

    Otis Williams : You ain't in this group. Don't you get it? You blew it!

    Eddie Kendricks : The crowd went wild when he jumped on stage.

    Otis Williams : He's the one who blew it, Corn!

    David Ruffin : Paul... Corn... Blue, baby, all I'm asking y'all is for another chance. Come on now!

    Melvin Franklin : David, I'm sorry, but you got to go.

    Otis Williams : Get out or get carried out.

    David Ruffin : I ain't goin' nowhere! You said I was a Temp for life. How 'bout that promise, huh O?

    Otis Williams : You ain't no Temptation no more!

    [Otis tries to beat up David, but Melvin holds him back] 

  • Eddie Kendricks : Makin' a big mistake, Otis.

    Melvin Franklin : [to Eddie]  Ain't no one man bigger than this group. Now, you remember that.

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