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Season 2

19 Jun. 2000
In the Public Interest
This episode is a documentary about SOCOG, and John in particular, by a TV show called 'In the Public Interest'. It covers some of the scandals occurring, in particular with regards to ticketing.
26 Jun. 2000
Addressing the Troops
John, Bryan and Gina have a pep talk with the SOCOG staff but it doesn't quite go as planned. There are quite a few upset employees, especially about ticketing and the first series of the 'The Games', and there are plenty of excuses.
3 Jul. 2000
Land Claim
A man has registered his name as 'Sydney Olympic Games' and is causing problems. The problems with aborigines has the US ambassador calling for a top-level apology. There is also a land rights claim on the shooting range.
10 Jul. 2000
There is an unexpected visit by an IOC delegate and John is not happy. 100 000 trees destroyed in a storm are not being replaced - what to do? The Sydney Olympics are going to be rebranded as Australia's Olympics, but why? Bill knows.
17 Jul. 2000
There is a proposal for the sponsorship of the opening ceremony. There are government inquiries into art purchases, accommodation prices and the sale of the database information. How can they say nothing?
24 Jul. 2000
Pommy Visitor
A visitor from the UK arrives from the London 2012 bid committee and highlights some airport shortcomings. Nicholas is trying to sell all the furniture. Is it really to lift their spirits? It's sold, but with an unexpected outcome.
31 Jul. 2000
A lot is happening but is coming from the minister and the team don't know anything about it. A Bulgarian wrestler is seeking asylum in Australia and Nicholas is pressuring John to support his bid. But all is not as it seems.
7 Aug. 2000
Job Search
The games are getting closer and so are the problems - in particular traffic management and opening ceremony leaks. Gina, Bryan and Nicholas have started to look for future employment after the games are finished, but John comes out on top.
14 Aug. 2000
There is a threat of a strike by the unions and John is put in charge of fixing it. However, it is Gina that fixes the problem. Bryan is concerned that people are trying to overcharge the games committee and goes penny-pinching.
21 Aug. 2000
Nicholas wants to save money by getting John to sack Gina. However, Gina manages to save her job by saving money using solar electricity credits. Spain wants to lend Sydney a Picasso as long as is it insured for $4 million.
29 Aug. 2000
Sponsor and Media Discontent
Sponsors are disappointed with the small number of tickets they've received. John then upsets the media with some disparaging comments about them and he is suspended. An athlete changes her name to Pepsi, which upsets the sponsor Coca-Cola.
4 Sep. 2000
Four Corners
The ABC's Four Corners is planning an exposé on the games - John and Bryan have been secretly recorded advocating that the rich pay more taxes. However, a much bigger story overtakes the exposé and leaves Nicholas with egg on his face.
11 Sep. 2000
The End
The games are almost about to start but there is a problem with the closing ceremony - the main act has gone missing. John's lateral thinking solves the problem. As Tim promotes himself the team manage to escape the problems of the games.

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