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1960s classic Gothic anthology Series
jfryleach24 September 2009
I vividly remember this series from when i was a child and it made a very strong impression on me. A very atmospheric Gothic feel to most of the productions. Fortunately in August this year a DVD release of the remaining shows made by ABC(2) and Thames(6)was released and after viewing again i can thoroughly recommend the series, particularly Sweeney Todd with Freddie Jones giving a great over the top performance and The curse of the mummy which stand up very well to viewing in 2009. They also show off the acting talents of great Brit actors Denholm Elliot, Ian Holm and Patrick Mower. A pity that not more shows exist(at least officially - we can hope). Overall a well produced and acted show, possibly a little slow in places for modern audiences, but if you are a fan of classic Hammer horror you will be rewarded. 1960's U.K. TV at its best
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What there is, is great.
alexanderdavies-9938212 April 2017
A shame that this series is partially missing as what there is, is outstanding.

I enjoyed the ones of "Dracula," "Frankenstein," and "Jewel of the Seven Stars" in particular.

The acting and writing easily compensate for the modest production values.

I recall seeing a couple of photos from the Dracula episode and feeling intrigued. Denholm Elliott made for a surprisingly effective vampire after I had inital concerns.
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Decent Horror Dramas
jackstupidjack6 September 2017
From the 'Golden Age of British TV' these Dramas only suffer from some rather hammy acting in parts and some liberties with the original novels on which they are based, especially the rather strange rendition of Stoker's Dracula. The real tragedy is that some stories which have been crying out for a good TV portrayal, such as JS Le Fanu's The Room at the Dragon Volant (called the Flying Dragon' in this series), and MR James' The Casting of the Runes, Number 13, and the Tractate Middoth have all been lost in time. Though some of the above have been portrayed on TV (or the big screen) from other sources, the versions have been poor in comparison to what may (one hopes) be lying in some loft/cellar/African marketplace if one can judge from reports from those who saw and recall the originals. Let's hope these lost episodes are found and restored to the public in the future.
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