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Sex & Nudity

  • The only instance of nudity is when a little girl is discovered naked on a tour bus (only visible from the shoulders up). An older girl quickly wraps her in a blanket.
  • Some hugging and kissing, mostly between friends and family members.
  • Men and boys are seen shirtless in some scenes and women are seen in bathing suits and crop tops.
  • Mild references to puberty and teenage crushes, but no sexual dialogue or vulgar sexual comments are ever made. The closest thing to this is an older boy referring to girls as "hot" and "babe", but it's never beyond that extent.
  • One frequently featured performed soundtrack in So Weird is the song "New Math" by McKenzie Philips. The lyrics bring up divorce, a romantic honeymoon and uses "multiplying" as a metaphor for birthing children.
  • Some brief but mild references to pregnancy.

Violence & Gore

  • There is no gore and very little violence in this show. There are some instances of character peril including a male character falling from a boardwalk and nearly drowning, characters trapped in a fire and a fan falling from a second floor in his house out the window. Usually the characters are never seriously injured.
  • Frequent references to death are made and there are on-screen character deaths as well as characters with terminal illnesses and serious injuries.
  • A reoccurring story arc in So Weird is the main character's grief for her deceased father, who was killed in a car crash. This plot routinely is brought up, including sounds of honking car horns, discussions about what state his body was found in and the mental impact is has had on the characters.
  • A reoccurring character who has had a heart transplant suffers a severe mental breakdown and heart attacks. He is often seen nearly fainting on screen, and imagery of a human heart beating is shown as surgeons hold it up in a dish. This may upset some younger viewers.


  • There is no profanity, only mild name-calling such as "weirdo", "jerk", "stupid", "idiot" and "brat".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One reoccurring character is frequently mentioned to have been a chronic chain smoker, which led to serious heart problems.
  • Characters in background shots consume unlabeled drinks which may be alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are lots of suspenseful moments, references to ghosts and the supernatural, characters in peril (mostly with positive outcomes) and a character having an on-screen mental breakdown while crying.

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