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Bollywood's Most Technically-Polished Film So Far...
JKri7289161 July 2001
Hameshaa, inspired by true story which took place in England, is by far, the most technically perfect film in Bollywood's history. The camera angles, the music, the filters, the dolby sound... The only film that comes close to the technical efforts put forward in this film is 'Dil Se'. And the film's background score is the best I've heard in any bollywood film so far. Hameshaa would have to be Sanjay Gupta's best work. And most original, too, which is hard enough as it is for Mr.Gupta who is reguarly taunted by Hollywood flicks, to be copied.

Even though the story is not broad and emotionally involving, if you're a fan of film technology... then this supernatural-love story will remain a classic in your collection...
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Average movie
parth-2304829 September 2017
It was a typical Hindi movie based on reincarnation. Kajol was looking awesome and acted really well. She was undoubtedly best actress in the modern era after Madhuri. Saif played nice but he was losing heroic stunts. Music was average. Aditya Pancholi was not looking cruel which was required for negative role
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Not that bad, actually
Peter_Young15 September 2015
Yeh, this film repeats the done-to-death nonsense of reincarnation, and is sort of a Karan Arjun makeover, but it's not as bad as people perceive it to be (not that anyone remembers or cares for it in the first place). The script is one hell of cliché, with the same old timeless love stuff, but at the same time it is also a decent watch for lovers of Hindi films. First of all, technically it's quite rare - the camera work is really very good with fantastic cinematography, and the sound design is also not bad at all. The songs are also quite nice and while it's hard to relate to the concept, the film does manage to hold interest and is quite engaging as a thriller. Three of the film's three main leads do well in their parts, with Aditya Pancholi doing the Shahrukh Khan kind of man-obsessed-with-one-girl role. His aging transformation is also done well. Saif Ali Khan was at this point yet to come into his own, but Kajol was more than good as she almost always is. The film's first half is actually stronger than the second, while the second has more tension and suspense. It never really works as a film, and it's far from being memorable, but as a one-time watch, it can be given a try.
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Sanjay Gupta's rebirth failed formula
silvan-desouza18 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Hameshaa was another film on rebirth after Prem and Karan Arjun. Hameshaa however flopped at the B.o. It brought back Saif and Kajol again after Yeh Dillagi, Also a hit song Neela Dupatta couldn't help the film. The film had some hit songs yet it failed. The love story between Saif and Kajol is well treated initially and the twist is well handled, however the film failed to create magic.

Direction is decent Music by Anu Malik boasts of some good songs, Neela Dupatta, Hamesha and other songs

Saif Ali Khan is his usual 90s self, Kajol is good in her role Aditya Panscholi is good in a negative role(something he kept playing) Aruna Irani, Kader Khan and others are as usual
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Really, really awful stuff
homegnome112 January 2006
Run, don't walk, away from this one! Although the previous reviewer appreciated the technical aspects of this film, I couldn't get past the hammy script and awful over acting. It didn't matter that the scenes were predictable, you find yourself praying that they will end, soon, and wonder why you care. I, for one, am trying to teach myself a new language (by watching a lot of movies). Hamesha (forever) is how long you will regret spending 2 1/2 hours of your valuable time on this one. Some movies are dated by their costumes, hairdos, and music. You can smell the decade they were made in. This one screams the influence of the 1990's all over it! And it stinks. I gave it 2 out of 10 (that was generous, I had "technical aspects" to consider!)
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