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Porno Revenge
ilovejeanrollin25 September 2003
Nice and beautiful porno remake of Tony Scott's Revenge film with Kevin Costner, Madeleine Stowe and the late Anthony Quinn. It is set in Mexico and tries to make of Californian Girls into Mexican women. The chance of success was very thin but it's ok and that's not the point of a porn flick! Here are the beauty of Missy, Stephanie Swift and the gorgeous Liza Harper. The porn scenes are well done and there is a simple storyline. Average scenario but not only sex a la chaine! A good film as always with the director Brad Armstrong.
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Above Average Adult Film
SilentOne9225 June 2006
Heartache is a pretty well acted and sexy adult film from Wicked Pictures. The film stars Missy as a woman who is married to a very jealous wealthy businessman (Herschal Savage). We see his rage after he catches his daughter (Stephanie Swift) after she has had sex with 2 ranch hands and beats them pretty severely. Missy becomes attracted to a new ranch hand, drifter Tyce Bune with tragic results. This film does seem to be the adult equivalent of Revenge which starred Madeline Stowe, Kevin Costner and Anthony Quinn. This film directed by Brad Armstrong is well acted and well shot. The sex scenes are well done also. The women in the film are sexy with good performance by Missy and Stephanie Swift. This movie is highly recommended for anyone who likes Wicked films and/or film by director Brad Armstrong. Nice couples film also
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One of Brad's best features
lor_12 December 2019
Total sincerity is Brad Armstrong's approach to this erotic/romantic drama, made before success went to his head at Wicked Pictures.

It stars Missy, who at the time was among Adult's best actresses, and a beauty worthy of mainstream crossover to boot.

She plays the new wife of Herschel Savage, in a modern setting (denoted only by a Cadillac and Mercedes on screen) but with vintage costumes, styling and atmosphere at Savage's ranch right out of an episode of "Zorro".

Tyce Bune, also a noted actor of the VHS era, plays the drifter, who gets a job as ranch hand after Savage fires Ian Daniels and Steve Hatcher, who he catches having sex with his beautiful young daughter Stephanie Swift.

The inevitable romance that develops between Missy and Bune is well-acted, and throughout the film (which plays like a mainstream film, albeit punctuated by six XXX scenes) a serious tone is maintained, quite different from the facetious or careless approach of routine Adult movies. Even Brad's latterday epics seem far-fetched or preposterous compared to the classic simplicity of romantic storytelling here.

Wonderful femme cast includes French star Liza Harper as a famous local prositute, busty Petra plus Charlie as two girls at her brothel, Syren as exotic casting in one of the many Mexican roles, and future superstar Sydnee Steele as another sexy girl at Savage's ranch.

Added touch is fine horseback riding scenes (which look as if they were shot on 35mm film), featuring both Missy and stunt rider Judy Mora. It is interesting that two decades later at Wicked Pictures none other than Stormy Daniels would make equestrian action a staple of her films.
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