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A classic
harvindersinghkundi18 January 2006
This film stars Rajesh Khanna as Mangal Singh a criminal on the run with a very good heart who kills somebody by a accident and is on the run from the police and his gangster boss at the same time. When on the run he makes himself at home with the dead mans relatives and throughout the film we see Mangal Singh as a very good person rather than all of the wanted posters going around. The musical score for Roti is very good and at times Roti is a tearjerker. However this film also shows how Rajesh Khanna makes us wonder with surprise and sadness through this film. And also how sad it to see Mumtaz who plays Bijli loves Mangal Singh, more than her own self is shocked to find out about Mangal real and past identity. The songs sung by Kishore Kumar makes Roti very powerful as well as Rajesh Khanna as Mangal will make you love this film from beginning to the end. Ratings ***** of ***** 5 Stars out of 5
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A super hit
alokc30 April 2007
Roti is a Manmohan Desai film. Before making movies with Amitabh,Manmohan Desai worked with Rajesh Khanna the Super Star- We wish they made more films as Roti would be one of the best movies of Manmohan Desai. It has excellent story, crisp direction, slick photography, solid dialogs, top performance and super hit music by Laxmikant Pyarelal. All songs are even hit today. Shot on locales in Kashmir, this is a story of Mangal Singh - a reformed criminal on the run. Rajesh Khanna has done the role excellently and is well supported by Mumtaz and the story line. Fellow artistes though do not have much to do but give good support. It is a must see for all Manmohan Desai and Rajesh Khanna fans.
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Rajesh Khanna's one of last blockbusters in his prime
silvan-desouza28 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Rajesh Khanna's success as a superstar lasted only for 4 years, After 1973 his films started flopping, he had also put on weight.While the angry young man Amitabh got more prominence over Khanna. ROTI which released in 1974 was his last blockbuster in his prime, the film was directed by Manmohan Desai. Rajesh plays a thief who has a fight for Roti in a jail, which may sound idiotic now but Manmohan Desai always thought different. Anywayz the film is melodramatic, does have some fun moments and action It worked at that time. The ending has RK shoot glaciers and the entire glaciers melt and kills the goons(terrible VFX of that time)

Direction by MDK is good Music is decent, many songs became popular like Yeh Sab Jaanti hai, Gore Rang Pe

Rajesh Khanna though looking overweight does his role well in his style, Mumtaz is decent, The same pair worked in the same year in AAP KI KASAM which was average Nirupa Roy is as usual, Om Prakash is also as usual, Vijay Arora has a brief role,rest are okay RK's childhood friend Jeetendra has a cameo
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The Magic, and What May Kill It !
elshikh428 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
While watching this movie, I asked myself: "From what exactly does the magic come?", and after it ended, I asked myself: "What exactly did kill the very magic?!".

Manmohan Desai's (Roti) was a fine hit, but surely not a fine movie. Yes, part of me is so angry, since I found myself in love with many bits of it, but sorry, nothing can deny the bad points in it.

It's a story about the pathetic criminal who lives his purgation yet he dies, along with his innocent girl too!, as nothing can forgive his sins, and his fate must be dark as long as his world is basically ruthless. It's a tragic end, but to underline the message right I suppose.

Despite how the story looked smart, touching, and attractive, it suffered from endless faults that almost wore down its beauty. The tip of the iceberg is in the easy way this script dealt with its material. Look carefully to the intro, it's too forced to be taken seriously; the lead as a child lives poorness which pushes him, through an evil man, to crime. Then as a young man, he wants to get legit after a gold heist, however kills absurdly some guy for one roti (the Indian word for loaf of bread)?!! I thought that the right thing could've been: the child lives poorness which pushes him to crime, so he goes to jail, then he goes out as a young man, and the evil man meets him and takes him to his business, then the lead wants to get legit, but his last heist goes wrong, so he escapes from the police with all the gold. Because this way we had some logical reason, or a reason anyway, for the evil boss to hunt down the lead powerfully afterwards, with no idiot murder taking place over a loaf of bread where the lead does it for the fun of it, not because he's really needy, moreover this way lessens the body count that the lead causes in the first 5 minutes.

Of course I'm sorry to poke my nose in it like this, but I loved it, and I was sad how it got worse along the way with events that gave irritating questions like: if the fool inspector is no one but a crazy man who thinks himself as an inspector, how in God's name did the police constable hand over the case of (Mangal) to him in the first place?! Moreover, how, from all the houses in the world, (Mangal) chooses after many excursions the one of the person that he pushed out of the train accidentally? Or how, from all the houses in the world again, this is the same house which's wanted from the same evil boss that (Mangal) knows before? or how the 2 blind parents' son forgave the lead so easily at the end?.. and so on.

Let alone the largest number of goofs I've ever seen in an Indian movie. It's shameful for a director in his eleventh movie! For a few instances, the prison's officer got shot in the right shoulder, then we saw him all the time later with his left shoulder bandaged?!, the blacksmith's boy has a white hat that appears and hides during one scene!, and, regrettably, so on too!

Unlike many Indian movies, the dialog was super poor. Look how the lead character repeats his line from the court's speech while answering the question about the evil boss at the end. Plus how bad the special effects in the avalanche scene were. Hence, with a lot of artless stuff like that, maybe you'll find that the idea of 2 blind parents is ridiculous, so when the village's prostitute becomes the usurer's long lost daughter too. As when the movie's makers belittle parts of their work, you'll find yourself treat it the same way.

On the other hand, it has magic. Khanna is so adorable in every second he's on the screen. Mumtaz, who her name means "excellent" in Arabic, was no less excellent herself, being so great in the role of the noisily spontaneous café's owner. Nirupa Roy, the mother, besides being the unforgettable talented star, she's one of the director's famous trademarks as the handicapped kind mother, who undergoes the time's misfortunes. Observe that in Roti (as blind), Amar Akbar Anthony (as blind again), Mard (as mute this time), and in the director's final movie, Gangaa Jamunaa Saraswathi, he freed her at last to be a kind mom only! Generally, I believe with more accurate script, the whole performance from the big stars could've been more impassioning.

The direction is catchy. In fact, Desai made such a light movie with yummy colors. From the wide landscapes, to Khanna's clothes, the image was amazingly vivid. The camera is moving nearly all the time like the whole movie is a long dance. The action was solid. The editing plays the things fast and enjoyable. The songs were all marvelous; especially the one in which the lead mimics the Christ while defending the prostitute. The harmonica's music was expressing and a mark of originality somehow. I was about to cry more than once; for the nostalgic feel which's profoundly charming?, for the loveliness of the above? I think both and here where its magic exists in.

There is true captivating sense all over it, but with a spirit of belittlement also where the things happen too plainly without much motives or efforts. Though, for a glow it had, a case it showed, a status it owned by the years, it became a classic in defiance of its own problems. So, there is magic and there is what may kill it, but anyway.. There is magic.
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Entertaining film
sanjayppc26 August 2014
Roti was the last film from the rajesh khanna-manmohan desai combo. Pity, MD did not work with kaka again.

The story is of a man's struggle for food (roti) & the lengths he will go to get it. The opening scenes takes you by surprise where kaka escapes from jail.

It then moves to the village where the developments happen leading to a riveting climax. Music is good & direction is racy.

All the artists have done their roles well. Mumtaz is lively & looks beautiful. As usual her chemistry with kaka is excellent.

I have always felt that she is kaka's best pair & roti proves that.

Rajesh khanna, though overweight puts in a delightful performance. He looks smart in glasses & his dialogue delivery is excellent, specially in the climax.

MD is a director who makes typical potboilers (his films with amitabh) but here, his screenplay his at least some sense in it.

Also, in MD's movies, his heroes do not die in the end, but here both the hero & the heroine die.

It was a huge hit when it released & I always wonder why MD & kaka never worked together again.

In summary, a movie which will entertain you whenever you watch it.
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Classic movie for all time in bollywood
gopalkroy1 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Movie is one of the finest work of rajesh Khan a, with blend of shravan kumar stories, and faar beyond the time made in 1974. Do watch this movie. Recommended for family audience.
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