"The Incredible Hulk" The Incredible Hulk: Death in the Family (TV Episode 1977) Poster

John McLiam: Michael



  • Michael : Come on, get on there, get on there you misirable little cackle berry! Come on now, come on... Ah there. For a while, I did'nt know which one of us was gonna win, but I finaly got you, didnt I, ya dumb little cluck cluck cluck cluck.

  • Michael : [refering to the Hulk]  Pink elephants is one thing, but this is something new.

  • Michael : [refering to the Hulk]  Are you real, or did you come out of this bottle?

  • Michael : So that's how you're clothes got ripped off. You just stretched out of them. Boy, I sure wish I was you. There's some people I'd like to be mad at.

    [Takes a swig from his bottle] 

    Dr. David Bruce Banner : Michael, you don't wish you were me. It's like having a demon inside of you.

    [Michael takes a long look at his bottle] 

  • Michael : Now you two better git!

    Dr. David Bruce Banner : No we're not leaving without you. Now Julie, I think you can walk. I think you can if you want to, if you need to.

    Juliet Griffith : I can't!

    Dr. David Bruce Banner : Well I can't carry both of you! Now you got to try.

    Juliet Griffith : Look, why can't you just get mad or something and turn yourself back into that thing, then you can...

    Dr. David Bruce Banner : It does'nt work that way! I can't control it!

    Juliet Griffith : Well I can't control my legs either!

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