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Scream Factory and Kevin Tenney Bring ’80s Horror Classics ‘Witchboard’ and ‘Night of the Demons’ to Blu-ray

Most home video releases are mass produced and marketed by faceless conglomerates interested only in separating you from your hard-earned cash. If you look closely though you’ll find smaller labels who love movies as much as you do and show it by delivering quality Blu-rays and DVDs of beloved films and cult classics, often loaded with special features, new transfers, and more. But yes, they still want your cash, too. Scream Factory continues to mine past decades for horror gems worthy of resurrecting onto Blu-ray, and while they make the occasional misstep the vast majority of their releases make for fantastic additions to your library. They have four titles hitting shelves in February with the first two streeting next week. In addition to releasing on the same day, Witchboard and Night of the Demons also share the same director in Kevin Tenney. They’re his first two films (of thirteen total) but remain his most well
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Alt.TV – 23/7/10

Are you bored of the same old TV shows? Tired of the mainstream? Then check out this round-up of alternative movies and series showing on UK television tonight…

8.00pm White Collar (Bravo)

Brand new Us crime drama in which a cop and a conman team up for a cat and mouse chase of the world’s most notorious criminals. The series finale sees alliances, double-crosses and hidden agendas revealed as everyone tries to grab the music box. Season One, episode 14.

9.00pm Surviving Evil (Horror Channel)

Exotic nail-biting terror starring Billy Zane. A documentary crew lands on a remote island to make a wilderness survival film – but they are unprepared for the terrifying fate that awaits them.

9.45pm Galaxy Quest (Sky Movies Family)

The stars of a 1970s sci-fi show – now scraping a living through re-runs and sci-fi conventions – are beamed aboard an alien spacecraft. Believing the cast’s heroic on-screen
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Remembering '80s Icon Corey Haim

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Corey Haim, arguably the 1980's equivalent of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, passed away at 38, apparently of a drug overdose, a tragedy that appears to have been accidental, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Though Haim fell on hard times both personally and professionally, Haim and fellow actor Corey Feldman -- collectively referred to as the "Two Coreys" -- once ruled the film world and were teen heartthrobs of the highest order. Haim, who hailed from Canada, arrived on the scene with the drama Firstborn (1984), starring opposite Peter Weller and Teri Garr, gained additional traction with Silver Bullet (1985) and Murphy's Romance (1985), and completely won over audiences with his heartbreaking, utterly natural turn as the lovable loser title character in Lucas (1986), with Charlie Sheen. But it was the handsome young actor's collaborations with Feldman that transformed him into a major star: The Lost Boys (1987), License to Drive (1988), and Dream a Little Dream
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