Traffic (2000) Poster


Tomas Milian: General Arturo Salazar


  • [In Spanish] 

    General Salazar : [5:19]  How did you find out about this?

    Javier Rodriguez : A little bird told me.

    General Salazar : What is the name of your little bird?

    Javier Rodriguez : It doesn't have a name.

    General Salazar : Those fucking anonymous ones!

  • Robert Wakefield : [1:29:46]  What are your policies towards treatment of addiction?

    General Salazar : Treatment of addiction? Addicts treat themselves. They overdose and then there's one less to worry about.

  • [interrogating Frankie Flowers, in Spanish] 

    General Salazar : They say in Latin, "In vino veritas". Wine tells the truth. Use this to write down the addresses of those bastards who killed my captains. And not where they were last week but where they are *now*, where they are this minute, and better yet, where they are going to be tomorrow. You know where they are going to be tomorrow, right?

  • General Salazar : [about Frankie Flowers]  When we loves me like a father, he will never tell anyone he was here. He will freely give us the name of his superiors. Then, when we get to them, they too will give us the names of their superiors. And eventually somebody will get us to Juan Obregón, and when that happens, the Tijuana Cartel will fall.

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